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April 17, 2008


maxwell horse

The Sox should've won this game. After they magically got the lead 9-7... Okay, I can theoretically understand why Tito stayed with Tavarez to start the next inning. But when it became obvious that Tavarez had absolutely NOTHING, Tito should've made the move.

Stephen Foskett

I was at the game last night. Boy, what a hard time the fans gave this Red Sox diehard! And the Sox themselves weren't too kind, either.

As for Manny, he was right on. That ump was crazy slow in making his calls, and Manny legitimately thought that he got a fourth ball since there was no immediate call. It's incredibly frustrating to the players when this happens. In fact, the NYC radio commentators were also fooled, calling a ball (and thus a walk) on that pitch!

NY fans were commenting on how Manny and Dustin give them fits, and are starting to be impressed by Jacoby as well. Go Sox!!!

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