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April 13, 2008



I can show you a bunch of NASCAR fans who also thought it was stupid to show this game on two networks (Fox and FX) with no NASCAR coverage anywhere. I sat down in my living room on the West Coast to watch the race. I did not sit down to watch another over-hyped matchup between New York and Boston. They might care about that in those two cities, but no one gives a damn out here.


whether or not you'd rather watch guys make left-hand turns for five hours is your business, maze, but that's not the point i was trying to make. the point was that FOX had ample opportunity to do whatever switching around of networks was necessary BEFORE two outs, two strikes in the top of the ninth for those of us who DID want to see baseball.


I guess I must just be smarter :) I foresaw that poorly timed switch and turned to FX after the 2nd out.


I watched the whole rest of the game on FX just in case. I wasn't the least bit surprised to hear that they switched to NASCAR before the final out. Yet another reason why FOX is bad for sports in general, but especially baseball it seems. Grrr.

During that whole rain delay, my mother the racing fan was going absolutely nuts that her NASCAR might be preempted.


I was able to get two pretty good screen caps of Jonathan last night in the 9th BEFORE Fox made us watch cars driving around and around!

Just follow the link on my site, you are welcome to them!


maxwell horse

"The above is my new favorite moment of the season so far."

The Papelbon game ending was definitely the most memorable part of the season so far. Maybe it's my own personal mindset, but everything else in this season so far has been pretty ho-hum forgettable, including the Japan trip. Contrast this with the first Red Sox/Yankees three-game series from last year which was practically as epic as the ALCS's from 2003 and 2004.

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