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July 12, 2008


maxwell horse

Great post. "Just ketchup." Bah! What an idiot. You know, I always thought for the most part that when people make those ridiculous comments about Schilling and ketchup, that they were doing so in a rueful joking way. Like they didn't really believe it, but were just trying to be annoying. Well, I guess a lot of people really are as idiotic as their jokes would suggest.

Concerning Okajima, the thing that really bothers me is when people say that the league has "figured him out." Like he was just this one-trick pony, who was never really good and that's why he's failing now.

Well, damnit that's just not true. He isn't doing as well this year because a) his pinpoint location from last year is no longer pinpoint, and b) his signature pitch, the Okie-Doke, rarely has any movement this year.

I don't know why, but it bothers me more when people say he was "figured out," rather than simply saying, "He's not pitching as well this year."

(Isn't it funny how even a relatively benign post makes me go insane anyway?)


//(Isn't it funny how even a relatively benign post makes me go insane anyway?)//

you're a sox fan, max. comes with the territory. :)

Lisa C.

The "Bloody Sock" that you saw, (the same one that has been displayed at Cooperstown for the past few years) is actually not "The Bloody Sock" from the Yankee ALCS game, it was from The World Series game, when Shill had the tendon re-stitched in place to pitch again. That first sock was said to be thrown away in the visitor's clubhouse at Yankee Stadium. I have always thought that Shilling probably kept it. There is a little card next to the sock on display telling you that it was worn during the World Series game.

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