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August 26, 2008



For all the yowls about the bullpen (not yours, everyone's, including mine), we have three effective weapons this year (Lopez, Masterson, Oki) and one deadly one. That's really about as much as you can expect out of a bullpen (last year when just about everyone was great or lucky was really, really weird, a statistical outlier).

Also, the Red Sox are 15-7 in August so far...pretty sweet!


you raise good points. i vascillate back and forth between "this team has a good chance" and "they're not going anywhere except home this postseason" depending on the series. they have just looked so wildly different from week to week this year. sometimes i feel silly for ever doubting them, other times i feel silly for having had any confidence! this post was my attempt to balance those two things - not getting too giddy about teeing off on the yankees so i don't have another rude shock like i did after getting too giddy during the rangers series and then reverting back to el sucko immediately afterwards.

i would disagree somewhat with your assessment of oki and lopez. i think oki has been less than effective this year. lopez is touch-and-go. masterson has been an incredible find for the bullpen and i give him major props for converting to the role.

unfortunately to go along with those relatively effective guys (some of the time), we have some Official Signs of Surrender out there, too, like Mike Timlin and ESPECIALLY Manny Delcarmen (who we saw loadin' up the bases again last night). i haven't looked it up yet but i'm wondering if paps has had significantly fewer appearances this year, just because delcarmen and co seem to negate the need for him more often.

it's not that i think our bullpen is the worst. but against bullpens like anaheim's and even the cubs, i just don't see the sox stacking up this year.

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