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September 08, 2008



Just throwing this out there Mike because you want to rant against the Red Sox as well hoping they land in second place.

You rep Pittsburgh...home of the Pirates. The Pittsburgh Pirates. Are you serious? I mean thanks for Bay and all since he belongs in Boston and not Shittsburgh, but please don't talk shit coming from a city with a shittier franchise. That'd be like the Washington Nationals ripping on the Diamondbacks or the LA Angels, both consistent playoff makers unlike yours which I believe the last time was in 1992. It sucks Brady busted his knee but at least he didn't bust his head like Ben "Helmets are for Pussies" Roethlisberger. No karma involved...just straight up idiocy. Now quit being a bitch and let's find out how the rest of the season goes. If NE overcomes Pittsburgh without Brady, you should not speak again.


Vince, do yourself a favor and learn how to write a coherent sentence. Did an 11 year old edit your rambling post? Honestly, you sound like a dumb ass.



That seemed rather coherent to me. Please point out where I screwed up. I mean I see nothing wrong with it and I'm sensing that you're probably a Patriots hater. If that's the case please remove yourself from the premises because quite honestly it looks like you have nothing to contribute. Was that coherent enough for you? Grammatically and spelling-wise it looked correct so unless your form of English is retard I suggest you go away.

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