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December 23, 2008


tom yf

I've been lurking, but you have moved me to comment with this post! :D

The Yankees and the Red Sox are still the same in the sense that they are both willing and able to throw fifty years and a jillion dollars at a single player. The Yankees throwing a jillion + ten million dollars and winning the sweepstakes doesn't absolve the Red Sox of being an Evil Big Market Team (TM).

I also think you're off base saying that the Yanks have once again thrown money at a problem, and that that's been a pattern that's gotten them into trouble. It's important to note that they haven't lost a single prospect in these transactions--the Yankees' lack of focus on player development, coupled with organizational infighting that lead to DUMB free agent signings, is what has been the problem. Now they're developing players AND leveraging their admittedly unfair financial advantage to make smart free agent and draft gambles--much like the Red Sox have been doing since the early 2000s. That's dangerous for the rest of the league, and I expect much rabble rousing and gnashing of teeth. The Yanks do lose draft picks, but they have a guaranteed spot in the first round bc they didn't sign first round pick Gerrit Cole this year.

We're a little late to the player development dance, and that's why you're not seeing a Pedroia. Not drafting well in the early 2000s means no good mid-20s players today, but I think you'll start to see some good position players pan out over the next couple of years in Austin Jackson, Jesus Montero, etc., not to mention a bevy of live arms; on the other hand, we've never been bad enough to get a major league ready 20 year old early in the draft, so that's why you're not seeing a Longoria.

Finally, about the other "great hope" free agent signings...look, you're lucky to win a Series no matter how good your team is. The Yanks, with the exception of last year, have been awesome, have had the talent to win but have not won. As a fan, I'm cool with that. Compare the quality of these recent free agent signings with the ones you pointed out, in terms of what could reasonably be expected from those players during their Yankees tenures, and I think you'll agree they're not really comparable.


Beth, totally agree with your last point. Plus, this whole Yankee reaction to not making the playoffs last year is reminiscent of this book my friend turned me on to recently. Check out this link if you get a moment. The book is a twisted satire of the "do anything to win" mentality. It's Chuckin'Chuck-the astonishing tale of Charles Manson pitching in the major leagues. Have a great Holiday Beth!


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