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December 02, 2008


Mark in SC

I'm a Steelers fan, and am very glad we finally won a game against the Patriots.

Looking at the highlights again today, I noticed on the Lawrence Timmons interception return, it was Ben Watson that came from all the way across the field and kept him out of the end zone.

It was eerily reminiscent of the play in the playoffs a few years ago when Champ Bailey was well on his way to a pic 6 touchdown, and out of nowhere it seemed, Ben Watson exploded him out of bounds at the one.

I don't know what that young man is making in salary, but he seems to be earning every penny of it. The Patriots staff should make sure that he's never allowed to leave and go elsewhere to play.


I still have faith in these Patriots, but can we finally kill the "Trade Brady" talks? They were ridiculous from Day One.


@Mark - You're right, that play was eerily reminiscent of Watson's stop on Champ Bailey (5 turnovers also unfortunately a commonality between the two games). Watson's a great runner, but his hands can sometimes be questionable.

@Jamie - Agreed.


Cassel didn't play badly. Moss did. Matt Light did. But as easy as it might be to lay blame on bad play from the Pats side of the game, I really think there is another reason for that loss... the Steelers' defense.

The 169 passing yards from Cassel was about average for a game against the Steelers. The Steelers forced more turner-overs than is typical, but no one has put up this many rushing yards against the Steelers. Faulk and Morris ran for almost twice as many yards as the Giants did. All in all, this was an average game for the Steelers' defense. This was what you should have expected.

The key to beating the Steelers is not putting up good offensive numbers. That is the wrong approach. What you need to do is force the Steelers' offense into situations that are impossible for the defense to handle: good kicking, interceptions, stopping the run... that's what you need.


The Dick LeBeau Steeler zone blitz defense relies very heavily on disguise...always has, always will.


Mark In SC - Ben Watson, I think, is a major disappointment as a TE. Sure, he made a hustle play, but his performances blocking are average and his pass-catching skills are below average, which is sad for a player of his physical abilities.

Varmint and Charlie - I expected a tough Steeler defense and loads of pressure on Cassel. The Patriot defense played the run very, very well. However, Big Ben remembered how terrible the secondary is and then finally lit it up. Offensively, the wide receivers literally dropped the ball. The game would have been much more competitive of they caught half of the drops they made, ESPECIALLY Randy Moss.


I also think Steelers defense definitely a factor but only one part of the equation. Steelers D made good plays, but the Pats made just as many inexplicable mistakes.

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