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April 15, 2009



Well, you can let your Dad know that I blame Don Orsillo for jinxing it after he mentioned how it was against the A's that Schilling to his no hitter to 8-2/3. And then how the longest Wake went was into the 8th with a no hitter or something like that.

He basically said everything but, "Tim Wakefield is currently pitching a no-hitter and we are all watching to see if he will do it."

Don. You know better. For serious.


On a lighter note, that game was just what the doctor ordered. Ortiz with an extra base hit. The Sox scoring a pile of two out runs. And most importantly, not one person having to come out out the bullpen.

God bless you, Tim Wakefield.


Yeah, really. The mantra before this game was that we absolutely needed at least six or seven innings from Wake. In response the guy throws a complete-game near-no hitter. I'd say he more than did his job. :)


And in defense of my dad, he never said the words 'no hitter', just said to turn on the TV and that 'Wake has something going'.

Sports Bob

DON ORSILLO SAID on the air THE DREADED WORD 'NO-HITTER' AS TIM WAKEFIELD WAS IN HIS WINDUP. I tried to shut the TV off, knowing that Orsillo jinxed Wakefield. but i couldn't find the clicker. So i watched in horror as the Angel batter slugged a clean hit into centerfield. Orsillo almost died as he knew he was guilty--again--of jinxing a no-hitter.
When will he ever swallow his tongue during these TV moments?


Thank you one and all for recognizing the fact that I didn't use the forbidden phrase when giving Beth a heads up about what was going on with Wake! Orsillo takes the heat on this one.

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