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April 13, 2009



Thank you for teaching me a new word: Profligacy.

Letting Scot Shields off the hook yesterday was unbelievable. I have no idea why Lowell, Drew, and 'Tek even took the bat off their shoulders. At the 20 pitch mark he had thrown 14 BALLS! I mean, you could argue that Mikey was in a hitter's count and just missed a good to pitch...but JD and Varitek first pitch swingin'??? Are you shitiin' me?



Happy to help on the vocab. :)

It does seem that signs (http://www.yfsf.org/2009/04/simple-answer.html) are pointing to the bats as the culprit for all this misery. The Sox are earning bases but not converting them into runs.

So why is *that* happening? Back to the drawing board...I am truly flabbergasted at this point as to what their major malfunction is. I don't even think they necessarily know at this point, cause if they did know, one would think they'd fix it.

maxwell horse

Good analysis on the progression of events. The way it escalated really seemed odd at the time.

I must say, for whatever reason I love seeing Beckett act like a truculent bastard out there. Surely I cannot be the only heterosexual male whose day is brightened when he starts swaggering around. Yesterday's first inning practically had me drawing hearts in my diary.


Agreed - yesterday I definitely had a little bit of an affectionate, "Oh, Josh, you troublemaker you!" kind of thing going on. And let's face it, if there's gonna be a truculent (but generally effective) bastard on the field, you'd probably rather he was not your opponent.

But even as I thought of this, I was, as always, fully aware that if he was wearing any other uniform in the world, I would pretty much hate his guts and hope he gets herpes. This is simply the truth, what are you gonna do.

maxwell horse

"I was, as always, fully aware that if he was wearing any other uniform in the world..."

Definitely. It's weird. Some people have that personality where they're weirdly magnetic if they're "on your side." But if they're on the other team, those same qualities are sickening and obnoxious.

Perhaps that's more of a reflection of human nature in general and the way we "take in" others, rather than a reflection of any specific "power" within those people that elicit such responses.

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