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July 12, 2009


Scott Sheaffer

Hi Beth,

I'm in total agreement with the side of you that is a fan.

However, you also did a good job showing the temptations which led Tomase and The Herald down the paths they took.

The Spygate episode is something I kept getting into arguments about. I finally just posted my thoughts on line at the following link:



Beth does a nice job showing how journalists fall into error. The simple fact is, Patriots fans should give Tomase the Bill Buckner treatment all the way - his sin was far worse than Buckner's because it was premeditated, deliberate, and treacherous. It cost them the Super Bowl - stabbed them right in the guts. I for one will never buy another Herald or visit their website as long as Tomase is employed there.


Thanks Scott. That article is great - I've come to expect as much from BR. I'll know next time I need my 25-minute rant that there's a more polished version just a URL away. :)


@PatsFanDave I def. feel what you're saying, and the Tomase report was a major distraction to the team on the eve of the Super Bowl. The timing of the story was so ruthless that it means there's even less of an excuse for it not to have been solidly backed up, since the impact to the team was material. But I personally would stop short of saying it directly cost them the game. I think there were a lot more factors on the field that day - and you have to give some credit where it's due, to the Giants defense.

What I'm angrier about with that story is the fact that it wasn't the merits of that defense and the action on the field I found myself discussing after the game. I expected people to come around talking plenty of trash about how far outplayed the Pats offense was by the Giants D, esp. in the first half.

What I didn't expect was the solid month of personal vilification based on people's certitude that my team - and by some weird alchemical transference, I - were a bunch of unethical traitors to American sportsmanship who deserved to see our trophies revoked and our stadium torn down, etc. (Don't believe me? Go back and check out the comments threads.)

We'll never know if the Pats might've lost that game anyway, but we know for a fact that a large amount of the BS Pats fans have had to take on behalf of their team can be traced back to the that story. That story gave bitter fans of opposing teams something to hang their hats of hatred on, when they didn't need the help, and it's an experience I know I'll never forget. THAT's what I blame Tomase for, and in my book, that's plenty.


Well said Beth. Very well said.

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