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April 14, 2005



That. Was. Some. Game. None of us in left field knew what the hell was happening and I've just now seen the replay. I kind of hate that I'm going to have to address this too. Because it overshadows what should clearly be the major point of the game: Varitek loves me. :-)


Nice post, Beth. The only thing that kept this from being a sloppy April game (e.g. the ump's inexplicable call on Womack in the first) was the intensity of the fans and the rivalry. It's truly amazing how much energy the Sox-Yanks storm has and is able to maintain. Most hyped-up sporting plots die out, but this rivalry is such an identity thing that it refuses to even abate for April!


Word, Beth. I was so upset by the incident that I could not fully savor the sweetness of coming back against the CFYs in the 8th inning.

Well, almost. It's still pretty sweet.


Aw, I like games like that. No one ended up getting hurt.

Anyways, Foulke's change up is awful right now, and that's his out pitch. He can't throw it for a strike, so he's depending on a 85-88 mph fastball to get MLB hitters out. That's the reason for his struggles. Might be the weather or just the rust from the offseason. Dunno. Doubt it's injury related. He looks to be in no pain at all.


His First thoughts were "Ron Artest"...and he still put his hands on a fan? how does that even make sense....he's a meathead


I agree with you. Makes no sense other than to Thank God Sheffield didn't do what he probably wanted to, which is go after the guy after finally throwing the ball back into the infield. To give him any benefit of the doubt, I think what he meant by saying "Artest" was stopping himself from making things worse. I did see his arm cocked for a punch and then he basically saved his career and probably freedom by refraining. The scary part for me was that for the last several years I've believed if there ever is a "Euro-soccer game" type tragedy in America it would happen between these two teams and for a split second I got scared that we were about to see it. When Sheffield threw the ball back in, the cameras followed the ball back in but I could see him charging the guy and I thought "that's it!" it's gonna be hell. I think these 2 teams need a few years off the schedule or something. I agree with Beth, I'm sick of it and it's not even fun seeing them on the field together, great games notwithstanding.


quick amendment: just read Alex B's commentary after posting mine and saw he wrote what I was thinking. I wasn't ripping him off and glad to see he worries about things getting worse too. Hopefully not.


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