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April 22, 2005



heh, in one word I can sum up why I will never watch SNL again, no matter who the host is.



Man it's good thing that boy is a damn fine football player.


Regardless of how horrible that was, Tom can take solice by popping in a tape of the all-time SNL lowlight. Derek Jeter (and just a few weeks after losing to the D-Backs in 2001, no less!!)in Mariacchi get-up singing about "Derek Jeter's Taco Hole." Yeeshh. A skit about the 4th largest Taco joint chain in Northern New Jersey. The only thing that could've made you wince more would have been if they named the chain simply "Mariah Carey" [sorry..that was really bad, but I'll bet the SNL writer's toyed with the idea and Jeter nixed it]


actually...tom brady's falafel city...http://www.pbase.com/tombradyjr/image/42261439>see it and weep.


hey guys!
i really dont know were im sending this.. or who is gonna read this but i'm writting because it was a link that said Derek Jeter... and i really love him so bad!!!=)
i really wanna merry with ya derek:**
im from hermosillo, sonora, mexico..
please come here one day=)
i will apresiate a lot.. mush more than what you can imagine
please answer me back
with all all all my love
ps. I'm serious about this.. i know that there is a lot of girls crazy's because of you.. but im not crazy is just that.. i don't know you're so sexy:** xD oh this is embarasment.. and i really wanna know you.. i love baseball just because of you, i love yankees. i become a baseball..fan .. I went to de wbc just to seeya.. on chase field it was so great well.. i think this is more than a ps.! seeyaa.. i hope so:*

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