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April 28, 2005



//but I honestly don't think I'm alone.//

Um, you're not.

Savannah's Dad

\\if I ever met any of these guys I'd probably hug them, address them with a nickname and be halfway into a monologue about how much I love them before they finally were able to work in a, "Do I know you?" edgewise.//
Yeah, you think that now. After a gig in Atlanta in the Fall of 2003 I met Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols. I am as old as he is and have been a profesional grade musician myself for well over half my life, and even though I had the CD and the Sharpie in hand (and had already gotten Zia's autograph a few minutes earlier), I was totally "deer-in-the-headlights" when it came to trying to talk to this guy. It was all I could do to string together enough words to put a sentence together or few together, and none of those sentences were even REMOTELY close to "Oh, by the way, Courtney, would you mind signing this copy of your band's latest CD for me?"

My fiancee' STILL doesn't let me live that down.


I might freeze up if I met them, but I totally understand the love - it's unconditional.. and every face is so familiar - you recognize them at a distance, and if you see them anywhere other than during the game, it's SUCH a treat.. but that reminds me that I was told that I missed Mark on Sportsdesk last week.. I'm very very sad about that.


Oh, you're not alone. But I'd NEVER have the nerve to do so much as ask a player for an autograph...

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