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May 31, 2005



You are not alone in the Tito Sychophancy. Is that even a word? It is now.
You are also not alone in missing the living bejesus outta Curt Schilling (sorry for taking His name in vain, Curt).


Last weekend we got McCarver on Saturday and Morgan on Sunday. My brain is still trying to recover from the hopeless inanity of it all.



(that's both a squeal of delight and also the answer to your question, m'dear.)


//In some ways, I think I'm a bit of a snob about last season,//

S'ok - part of being a fan is occasionally being a bit of a snob, whether about new players or new fans.


omg beth - c'mon! the new guys aren't all bad! (except for david wells, for whom even I'm having a hard time cheering.) clement has done an awesome job for us, and so has jay payton. i'm not even going to mention your baby-boo Renty...just open your heart, beth, and let them come in. :)
Of course, this is coming from the only sox fan in the world who hates curt schilling, johnny damon and gabe kapler, so my opinion doesn't mean shit! ;)


I don't like when I have to be your personal watch-dog, especially when it comes to anti-Wankee matters, but Joe Morgan made an excellent point about Jeter's hustle the other night. We all know that a player busting it down the line on a routine play makes the fielder rush more than if say Manny were trotting it out. Curt the Legend Schilling said it best when he said "A-Rod is no Jeter"...but Jeter IS Jeter and that's why Boomer threw that ball away. I have to take a shower now as I always do after sounding like a Yankee defender. So to be clear, I'm only defending that one Joe Morgan statement with this post.


i don't like it when you feel like you have to be my personal watch-dog either. so don't be.

that said, i still find the statements ridiculous. you may have a point that the fielder might be rushing if the runner is going quickly, but the rationale pretty much ends there--and far before the point morgan got to, which is that derek jeter somehow with jedi mind powers caused david wells to make the throwing error. you can't tell me you haven't heard the jeter ball-washing before. even if it's something they might have a point about, they wouldn't put it the way they do with jeter if it were any other player. i stand by my statements. even if you disagree with the jeter one, though, the other one? about "a straight line to the ball"? i could smoke a kilo of crack and it probably STILL would be one of the dumbest things i've ever heard.

Boston Fan in Michigan

I am a terrible elitist fan snob. EMBRACE THE FAN SNOBBERY. :)

And why does Jay Payton get no love? I swear to god, last night no one was even cheering for the guy! It was inexplicable.


Agreed re the "straight line" comment. "Nice Play" would have sufficed. The ironic thing was that Bernie Williams is notorious for taking circular routes, taking a step back before coming in, taking a step in before going back, etc. So maybe Morgan was trying to say that Bernie happened to play that one correctly (for a change) and that enabled the play to be made...but he didn't put it that way so he deserves your wrath. Always a pleasure, Beth and I'm swearing off the Yankee kudos for the rest of the season. 2 in 2 weeks has been wayyyyyy to much! I owe B-fan in Michigan as well, because of my Pro-Quantrill comment...btw, I like Payton very much. He'll surprise us with some key plays and is capable of sneaking up on someone in the playoffs.

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