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July 24, 2005



//We miss Dave Roberts, yes, but most of all on a day like today, we miss that magic.//

Yes. Given what day it was, it seemed so possible in the ninth inning today. It only seemed natural.

But at this time last year we were just finding our groove, which is why I'm doing the 10 Days thing.

At one point last season Bill Simmons was writing about how the 2004 team had none of the Cowboy Up flair of 2003.

We love them so much I think it's easy to forget that there was April, May, June, and July before August, September, and of course October.


*sniff* All goose-bumpy!


//the outlook for this year seems bleak//

Oy, vey,...Beth, please don't let the Gods of Jade get to you. We are in first place and first place is first place is first place. My cousin, and I forgive him - is a Yankee fan. He tells me he never allowed himself to get jaded and enjoyed every win as much if not more as the last. After I finished throwing up, I told him I get his point. Outlook bleak? no way. There's a game tonight vs. the 'Rays and that's what you should be getting psyched for all day long. And THANK YOU for that Manny Jr. pic - sign the kid today!!


sammy, seriously. how are they going to win in the postseason with no schilling, no foulke, a bullpen in tatters...i'm not saying first place is bad. i'm saying that after what we saw last year, you have to know they don't have the horses this year. it's all about pitching. personally, i think the CWS have the best shot - like us last year, they've come up with a pair of aces.

personally, i don't think schilling will ever physically be the same again. there i said it. foulkie, either, and certainly not this season for either of them. with pedro gone, embree gone, timlin overworked...who do we have left, *as their 2004 selves* from last year's pitching staff? nobody. who are we going to pick up? not much out there, especially not anything that can replicate the 2004 schilling, pedro, and foulke. that's not going to happen this year, that's what won us the world series, ergo, no WS this year, prob. not too far in the postseason either. which is often the case with post-championship teams, cf. patriots 2002-2003.

that's what i mean by bleak. that's my prediction. you can come back and put the egg on my face personally if i turn out to be wrong.


Good points all re the particulars, but let's get into the postseason and worry about what kind of spit and glue will come up with 11 victories in October. That's all I mean. And ironically,regarding "first place" - we haven't won a division since...what is it - 1995? - plus, the so called "favorites" haven't won a championship since 2000. I'm not just whistling in the graveyard, b/c I know what you mean about all the problems - I just think "bleak" was the wrong word in this case. And I would never throw egg in your face -- If I were ever to throw egg in your face, it would have been over your post on Edw's blog last October when the Sox were down 0-3 and you wrote that you were not watching and hoped the Yankees ended it that night to spare more torture. You said, if the Sox do manage to come back, then "shame on me." -- well, I still don't think you deserved any shame for that - plus you're whole attitude about it probably reversed the curse..hmmm, wait a second, are you pulling that stunt again now? ok, I got ya..wink, wink. Love ya...later.


The magic of last year will never be repeated. It will most likely be considered the single greatest event in the history of professional sports for centuries to come. We, as fans, ought to appreciate that we could be a part of it, and also that it ought not be compared to. It is necessary to look back upon it, relive and treasure each detail, so that in the years to come we can impart that memory of magic to the next generation of red sox nation. But we should never expect our team to be the same, or feel as great as that team. We need to move on, if only in the sense of enjoying each game for what it is - pure and simple baseball - as we watch and cheer for a win. At least now we will always believe that anything can happen.

What strikes me about that pic of Manny Jr. is that rarely do woman of such beauty appear so real and joyful as Juliana Ramirez. I think this is part of Manny's appeal as well... The demeanor we see in both of them is friendly, welcoming and open... full of laughter. And this, to me, makes them feel like old friends.

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