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July 28, 2005



I have always maintained that the best thing about being a Red Sox fan in New York is that fact that I no longer read the Boston sports sections.



However, and I don't know if this is playing Devil's Advocate or not, but whenever I've been traveling outside of Boston and have grabbed a newspaper to read while absentmindedly eating cereal in the morning, I've been totally appalled by the lack of sports coverage. True, that may be largely due to the obsessive nature of the sports fans in this town but I wonder what's worse, fifteen stories about Manny bitching or tumbleweeds blowing across the alleged "sports page."


personally, i'd prefer the tumbleweeds...because at least then the sports page is crippled by a benign, rather than a malignant incompetence.


Agree with every word you say, but they reeled you in Beth. Idiots (and I don't mean Idiot in the good way, like the Sox nickname) going "blah, blah, blah" do it just to get a reaction. You shouldn't waste your breath, keyboard strokes or baseball insight on them. I think most of us now get our news from our computers or cell phone messages one way or another and besides for the eye strain and brain cancer, at least we don't have to get that gross newsprint on our hands anymore. Don't give the bastards the satisfaction anymore.

Steve Brady

the Globe and Herald sports staffs seem to think it is their job to stir up controversy at least twice or three times in a season.

I would make it at least bi-weekly. They succeed maybe three times a season.

Do you just think that if you pick at it long enough, Manny will leave town, and secretly you can all applaud your inflated sense of self-importance when you've actually had a measurable (if largely pointless and unacknowledged) effect on something? Is that how it works?

Why not? Worked on Nomar.

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