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August 30, 2005



great post as usual, beth! somehow you just made me even MORE excited to take my first trip to Fenway tomorrow.

RE seats behind homeplate: we were four rows behind the plate in detroit, and once the novelty of being able to see the players up close wore off, i really didn't like the seats at all. once again, i find myself having opinions contrary to everyone else in the free world, but i just didn't like them. i couldn't really see the game that well. i know this sounds totally dumb but i'd rather sit in the bleachers. but it was a cool experience. manny looked at me once in batting practice and i was totally mortified - in fact i turned around and walked away. see? told u i was dumb.


Beth - with writing this good we really don't need pictures.

Great post.


Looks like Bellhorn to the Yankees. Interesting...


//Looks like Bellhorn to the Yankees, Interesting...\\

I heard they're naming the right field foul poul at Yankee Stadium the "Bell Pole" Somehow, Bellhorn in Pinstripes is like Tom Carvel wearing a Baskin Robbins outfit. Oh, whatever. Like Jerry Seinfeld says, we're all just basically rooting for laundry, aren't we?


Bellhorn to NYY? I just don't see this happening...hygienically speaking.

The man looks like he's just spent the last nine years wandering through the Himalayas...without food, or water, or toilet, or mirror.

There's enough facial fuzz going on the to give ol' Georgie Steinbrenner an aneurysm

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