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November 27, 2006



I'm totally bummed - no picture of TB doing his "FIRST DOWN" thing?! I thought you'd be all over that! Here's the best that I could find: http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patriots/gallery/11_26_06_pats_bears?pg=27


"intense, brutal, hard-nosed defensive masterpiece" is how I prefer to think of it. I haven't had that much fun watching a football game all season. It was insane and wonderful and I think I would have even been able to appreciate it if they'd lost...

...OK, maybe that's going a bit too far.

But, my point is that this is the type of game we would have lost a couple of weeks ago... which loss was it where we had a bunch of these freak tips/interceptions? Anyway, we won the damn game and we should be happy about it and I'm sure as hell glad that I decided no more sports radio/TV for me this year so that I don't have to listen to the moronic talking heads try to bring me down all week.

Oh, and making you wear a Peyton Manning jersey... that would have been just plain evil.


For the record, it would've been an Urlacher jersey on Monday *if* the Bears had won. The Manning jersey is going to be my vegenance for the unending amount of crap that I had to put up with yesterday.


you brought that particular crap on yourself yesterday. and when, pray tell, is this vengeance to take place? on what grounds?


A Peyton Manning jersey? I'm a football novice, but I know enough to agree with Chris - that is pure evil...

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