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March 26, 2007


Soxy Lady

I'm not sure this worries me too much. That was with him training as a starting pitcher - He'll throw harder as a one inning closer. The only problem is whether or not he'll be ready since he's spent to much time conditioning to be a starter. I'm just ready to get this season started!!!


The problem with this is this spring Papel-bot was working on his curve and other pitches. So I am not sure that the drop off was in his fastball, but in him throwing his other pitches. Still, I would much rather have a top 5 closer over a # 4 starter any day of the week. If there is no major injuries in the pitching this is a team that can win 97+ games this year.


Beth, this isn't really the appropriate post for me to ask you this but holy cow, have you seen the news on Ugi?


Here's my honest opinion on him being the closer. I don't like it for this reason. Awesome dominating starters - not just good,very good or near great - but the Pedro's, Schilling's, Johnson's,Clemens's, Maddux's, et al. are more important to a team than a great closer. We're all caught up in finding the next Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman, etc. and Jonathon just might be that, but I was looking forward to our rotation dominating the league this year. I just think you can find a very good closer without maybe needing the new best ever guy. Just my opinion. If we found out over a year that he truly is a five inning guy, THEN you make the switch.


Mike Venafro would be a great option. He posted a 0.00 ERA this spring in 10 appearances. He only had 7 hits and 6 KOs. Twins are actually the only team in baseball that have too many bullpen guys. Get Mike Venafro here.

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