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April 23, 2007



By the time the Captain was touching 'em all, Fenway was at post-season thunder levels.

It was ridiculous, in a very good, all-you-can-do-is-laugh way.

maxwell horse

I would like to say I "enjoyed" last night's game, but that would be untrue. Because really, that was the most white-knuckle, edge-of-my-seat game I can remember seeing ever. (That might not mean a lot though, since I'm a relatively new baseball fan.) By the time we got to the Hollywood-like ending where the game's most dangerous closer faced off against the game's hottest hitter I couldn't believe I hadn't already had 50 heart-attacks.

This entire series has been insane. If it weren't for the fact that it's the beginning of the season still, I'd honestly say that this was as crazy and dramatic as anything from the '03 or '04 post-seasons. I taped Friday's and last night's game, and will definitely be rewatching them many times.

A few notes of concern:

Dice-K didn't look very good out there. I hope to God that they can work with him to get his performances to be more consistant and eliminate those control problems.

Coco was out with an injury. Man, did this occur because of his falling into the bullpen during Game 1? What luck this guy has. And it looked like he was finally breaking out of his slump too. To make matters worse, WMP, whom a lot of people (myself included) really thought should be playing when Coco was slumping, looked TOTALLY clueless. Not only at the plate but in the outfield too. I wouldn't have said this a week ago, but right now, today, "I really hope Coco is okay and can pick up right where he left off from Saturday."

Papelbon was awesome. The best ending we could've hoped for in this series with him facing off against A-Rod. But I hope to God there are no ramifications from him working so hard in the last 4 of 5 games. They'd better give him at *least* the next 2 games off. Preferably 3.


Beth, one correction and one comment:

Correction - you wrote "..there still nobody out," but in fact the incredible 4HRs began when there were 2 outs.

Comment - I love that we swept, but in reality, it was ugly and all our top pitchers were hit fairly if not very hard. Not complaining, but Schill, Joshie and Dice-K vs. some rookie emergency starters filling in for the M.A.S.H. unit that is the Skankees pitching staff....whatever, but I'll take 12-5 on a Monday morning anytime!


thanks for the correction sammy. i actually wrote this whole post last night with the game still fresh in my mind and lost it all. i KNEW i'd goof on something having to rewrite it from scratch this am.

as for the rest, there are downsides, drawbacks and potential pitfalls anywhere you turn here, but i refuse to focus on them at this point. of COURSE our pitchers got hit hard--look at that lineup! they still kept the yankees "between the 20s" as they say in football--lots of hits, maybe even lots of runs, but we were always one run better.

as for papelbon's workload, i'd rather see him used twice in this series than any other. you know how apocalyptic those games were--clearly if andy pettitte is making a relief appearance things are not normal. And Jonathan didn't go more than one inning either time, which was the big thing last year. i also think the biggest problem was that jonathan was not entirely truthful about how he was feeling w/ his workload last year, and didn't have as much support around him in the bullpen as this year. so far i'm not all that nervous about him yet.

as for daisuke, i will admit some concern there. however, he's still very raw and it's clear if julian tavarez feels he has to explain jamming a-rod inside he's unfamiliar with american lineups, umps, and their respective styles. it's also clear he's smart and has the stuff to put it all together. i know how hard it is to remember--i was freaking out over these games too, but it *is* only April. So far with better run support he'd be 4-0.


The Fenway tour is always dienfreft depending on when you go, if it's right before a game, if there's construction going on, etc.Sometimes you get to walk on the warning track, sometimes not. But every one I've been on took me into the press box, and the EMC club behind the plate which includes a lot of memorabilia and all the plaques of the Red Sox HoF members. But yeah I don't think outsiders are allowed in the clubhouse/locker room. I think you can go in the dugout, but I remember on my last one they were covered with wood since they were ripping out seats in that area. Overall it's a good tour if you've never been to Fenway but for me it's just an excuse to walk on the field since I tour the place every time I go to a game there, which is very often, and since I know all the info they give on the tour already.

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