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April 22, 2007


maxwell horse

I kind of like Beckett's personality. Yes, he seems like a little bit of an asshole, but since we don't have to live with him, just watch him pitch, I think that "cold bastard" thing we perceive from him could be an asset. He obviously is very competitive and gets pissed off if he does badly. To me this is a virtual guarantee that for every shaky start, he is going to pour over the videos even more to improve his game. That's a good thing, in my opinion.

When Okajima got that strikeout it was hilarious. First Beckett pumped his arm, like he was really happy, then before they cut to commercial he went all psycho and started kicking at something in the dugout like his happiness had turned to rage in an instant. Like something out of Goodfellas. Awesome.


"I get so frustrated with myself," Beckett said. "Sometimes maybe I expect myself to be perfect." (From the Globe today.)

Beckett's an interesting personality. He's so intense and/or pissy when he's pitching, but to listen to him talk off the field, he seems thoughtful and even laid back at times. It's like he's a split personality. Personally, I find that dichotomy (and him in general) amusing, but I can see where it would weird other people out. Normal he ain't.

Here's one major difference from 2004: where in that year our team chemistry seemed largely comprised of wily, irreverent veterans, this year the team personality that's starting to emerge is one of studious, serious young men.

That's an astute observation. And it IS intoxicating, because many of those "studious, serious young men" will likely be key cogs on the team for years to come. I could get used to that.

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