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July 15, 2007



I knew you'd bee all over this. :) I missed part of Beckett's PC; I didn't hear the F-bomb(s?), but I caught a few "goddamns." And I can't really blame him for it. (Personally, I think it's funny more than anything.) He pitched a hell of a game and it still wasn't good enough to get the win. Frustration city at its finest. Eleven hits and one lousy run. Just...ARGH!

I certainly hope Josh's blue language doesn't become one of those nothing stories that gets blown out of proportion. You can never tell since people can be so sensitive about swear words. But maybe NESN should consider doing his PC's on tape delay in the future? Just in case. ;)


well it's weird, because the http://confessionalpoet.typepad.com/cursed_to_first/2007/05/watch_you_weave.html>other time he dropped the f bomb in a postgame presser, it was bleeped. it was at an away game in toronto. i don't know why that would make a difference, though.


Yeah, I remember that. It is very weird that they bleeped it then but not today.

Oh, and I almost forgot: Papelbon in a shiny shirt and tie, for everyone's viewing pleasure! :)

Texas Gal

I recorded the PC, and put the video up on my blog here: http://www.texas-gal.com/centerfield/2007/07/josh_doesnt_like_to_lose.html

He got in two "ass"es, one "goddamned" and one "fucking" before NESN finally cut away. Not bad, huh?

And for the record, it was "We got guys playin' hurt, bustin' their ass. I'm not worried about if they score me fifteen runs every fuckin' time I pitch."


sweet. :-)

David Welch

Yes, another bat. A true power 1B to send Kev back to 3B and Lowell as trade bait.

The rumor is Marky Mark from Texas for (might wanna sit for this one, Beth)

Jon Lester


Well, should they trade Lester for Marky Mark, we'll all have plenty of f bombs to drop around. Remember the trick with Texiera: he's a Boras client, and according to numerous baseball sources, is even more vigilant about adhering to the Boras doctrine of getting top dollar than anyone else. So, Jon Lester for a 1 year rental at 1B who may or may not post better power numbers than Mike Lowell? When the Sox can push for A-Rod with cleared money to fill short stop in the offseason, dump Lugo in a trash can (Kansas City anyone?) and then trade another chip for a 1B? Anyone biting? Anyone?


agh, you said the A-word.

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