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July 25, 2007



What an idiot. It pisses me off, because just imagine what he could accomplish if he cared even 50% of the time. Did anybody see that strikeout of Pedroia where the ball was at his ankles and 6 inches inside?


Just a maddening game all around. Carmona was certainly very good, but the Sox players made some pretty embarrassing outs on the bases. It's one thing to get shut out...did they have to get shut out while playing sloppy baseball too?

At least Beckett didn't embarrass himself. He had a particularly beautiful curve tonight and got beat on one bad pitch. (A "*bleep* fastball down the *bleep* middle," to paraphrase his postgame comments. I think NESN learned its lesson from last time.) Frustrating to waste that performance, but I guess it was fair payback for the Matsuzaka/Sabathia duel last night.

I thought for a moment Pedroia was going to attack Carmona for the buzzing. And I bet Pedroia could've kicked his ass easily.

maxwell horse

Since Coco is my new Binky, I am fully comfortable with laying the blame on that whole debacle on Manny.

Also, I swear to God, I remember at least one other time earlier this season when practically the same damn thing happened: A runner coming home, not running at full speed, and then getting tagged out. And the whole time Manny just standing there casually, right behind home plate, leaning on the bat like it's a cane--just watching the whole thing passively like any other spectator.

Harry Thatcher

Hey, I'm wondering how you guys got permission to post Boston Globe photos on your site? See Manny picture above. They don't allow their photos to be hosted on other sites. And you don't even list a photo credit.


I don't it's fair to lay this one on Manny. There is no reason Coco couldn't have just run hard the whole way home.



I tried to email you about this offline, but my email to the email address you put in with your comment bounced back. So I'll address your comment about Boston.com photos publicly.

I didn't list a credit on that particular photo of Manny because where I found it was on another site that had posted it without a credit. I was unaware it was a Boston.com photo. (If you do a Google Image Search for "Manny Ramirez" the photo above comes up on the first page.)

Elsewhere on my site I am careful to list photo credits when they are available, including the photographer if he / she is known, as well as the source site. It was my understanding that this falls under fair use on a personal blog.

Do you work for Boston.com? What is your interest in this matter? I have never been contacted formally by anyone from that site about use of photos. I would be happy to discuss it through official channels if there is a problem--I have meant nothing malicious here.


I really miss NESN when the Sox play on the road. Such is the life of a Sox fan transplanted to Florida. We had no mention of a reason for why Coco slowed up. Just laughter that Martinez was sitting on the plate so there was "no way Crisp coulda scored."

And I agree on the Pedroia thing. He's little. Leave him alone.

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