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July 31, 2007



I'm sorry, but the way he bares his teeth and screams when he's all worked up like that is scary as hell sometimes.

I've said it before and I stand by it: I would *not* want to get within 10 feet of him while he's pitching. "Game Day Beckett" is a crazy bastard. As opposed to "Regular Beckett" who is, well...I'm not entirely sure. I hear he's at least somewhat normal, though.

I don't know if Dye would've solved this team's failure to come back late in games. He'd have been a clear upgrade over Wily Mo, but beyond that, I don't know how much he'd help. And I think for the rumored asking price (Pena plus two of Delcarmen, Masterson and Hansen), it was better for Theo to say no. That's a lot to give up for a three month rental who wouldn't have even played full time. And there were reports that Dye wouldn't waive his NTC to come to Boston anyway, so maybe the whole issue is moot.

There's a large part of me that wants Wily Mo to stick around and prove his doubters wrong, but the rest of me thinks he needs to go, even if only for his own sake. The fans at Fenway have been brutal to him, poor guy.


there are some former sensations, including Craig Hansen and Manny Delcarmen, who have proven fair-to-middling in major league engagements.

Aside from the Devil Rays' HR debacle, we are witnessing MDC's ceiling with our very own ridiculously lucky eyes. A mid-high 90s FB with slight movement and a curve in the high 70s to, as the pundits would say, give the hitters a different look. A reliable 7th-8th inning guy, is exactly what MDC was supposed to be, and exactly what he's been.

I'd say it'd be more accurate to say that there are some former sensations like Craig Hansen (who absolutely crapped out, but MAY have recovered his lost slider/ P.S. Good work milk cartons) and MDC (who wasn't so much a sensation as a potentially good setup man, which he seems to have become).

I was convinced (and tried to convince many others), that Adam Dunn was the right choice for a deadline bat acquisition anyway. WhoTF knows what Wayne Krivsky might've wanted? I'm guessing a starter prospect and/or a corner OF prospect who can...actually play the corner OF. Either way, the rumor that the Sox were promising Dye PT 5 days a week made me a lot less interested in him to begin with, unless it meant that Papi goes under the knife like, tomorrow scenario.

This was, of course, a barely coherent rant from me. Your words about Beckett? Wildly entertaining and spot-on.


you guys make some great points. i think there was a lot of in-the-moment frustration for me talking last night, too. i still wish they could've gotten some offensive help, maybe dye wouldn't have made much impact, but like mouse said, it would've def been an upgrade over WMP, and i was def hoping to see them "Free Wily". mouse, you're right that fenway fans have been brutal to him, i've seen it too, but i have also seen some fans being playful and affectionate with him at times. maybe it depends on the night.

whether or not a roster move was possible to help the situation, it still feels at this point like the offense is a fundamental flaw with this team. until recently, "they'll start hitting like they're supposed to" was a satisfactory explanation, but at this point, i don't know if it's a combo of papi's injury / manny's age and a collective underachievement, but i feel a lot less confident in this team in general than i did about the 2004 or even 2005 teams. it feels like they've been in a mood similar to may / june of 2004, but this year a big shakeup in the lineup and a watershed brawl game have not been forthcoming. it's like they don't have that chutzpah this year.

i dunno. hopefully they'll make me look like a dumbass for saying that. but i'm starting to have my doubts.


btw quosf, thanks also for the props on my ongoing Chronicle of Josh. :)

Kristin L.


Where did you hear audio? I couldn't find it anywhere...


sorry about that kristin, should've mentioned it was on the radio.

Kristin L.

Damn. I also missed the killing of the water cooler. Looks like it was pretty brutal. I feel for Josh.


as do i, but in future i hope he will refrain from USING HIS PITCHING HAND to throw a tantrum.


Having watched Wily Mo Pena (who is still stuck on this team, poor bastard) damn near kill himself while successfully fielding a ball in right field tonight, I have to say my outlook on his ever completing a moderately difficult fielding play correctly has not brightened.

Ugh, please...with all the talk of Lugo, Crisp, and Drew, WMP is the one guy that hardly gets mentioned, and yet is the most deserving of scorn. The Sox's single goal should have been to trade him for any player at any cost. Having him in the outfield (nevermind at the plate) has been nothing but a liability.

That one catch that you mention is his best all year, and one of the few that he has made a decent attempt on. He is a slow, lazy, "player" who can be counted on to hit a grand slam long after it matters, and strikeout in the clutch...He's like Manny without the talent. He strikes out without getting the clutch HRs, He half-asses it in the field, but doesn't have Manny's arm to compensate for it. He is personally responsible for more opposing team's RBIs and Red Sox losses than I care to think about.

And don't give me the "he desn't get enough playing time to show what he can do" line. Before they had a regular spot, Pedroia HUSTLED. Cora HUSTLED. They wanted the job. Even in their respective slumps, Lugo and Crisp gave their all. They weren't hitting, but they stole bases and made great catches. Their actions said "I may not be hitting, but I will do whatever it takes to help the team". The only glimpse I've seen of that was the catch last night.

Hopefully, last night's effort along with the hits the other night portend to a new hunger within WMP, but given the evidence so far this year, I would not bet on it.


I only recently started reading your blog, but have been enjoying it immensely. Thanks for the great work!

If it makes you feel better, I waited up last night, watching NESN obsessively, wanting to see the Beckett post-game conference - only it never aired. I guess it was too much bleeping to put it on the air. And it's not on NESN's video archive. All I got was one line they aired on Sportsdesk about Roberts' HR.

Too bad - nothing puts a smile on my face like that hot-blooded Texan. I would give my right arm to hear exactly what he had to say.

Kristin L.

Beth - I totally agree. Do not screw around with the pitching hand or arm. If you must throw a hissy fit, yell and scream or put on some boxing gloves and go hit the bag a bit. Maybe for Beckett he needs to go shoot some deer.


dammit, we're all adults. NESN was protecting us from a few bleeped swear words? please. that sucks that they didn't air it, tho i'm glad it seems i didn't actually miss anything. def too bad they haven't posted / aired it. btw, jai, thanks for your kind words.

Kristin, 99.9% of the time it seems major league pitchers, you know, remember that stuff. in fact, i can't recall having seen another pitcher use his pitching hand in a freakout like that. even julian tavarez broke his non-pitching hand on the dugout phone.

impressive wmp rant, thomaas.

Kristin L.

Beth - I remember one...Kevin Brown when he was a Yankee. Now he's shuffling bales of hay on a farm somewhere. Josh, please don't do that ever again.


I don't get the lazy vibe from WMP. He's a lot more awkward out there than he should be. It's not like he's ridiculously unathletic or slow (definitely has decent speed for a big man). When he's in the OF, it almost seems like someone is controlling him by remote, but the batteries are running low. Just can't quite get his body to do what you want it to out there.

If that's not a f'd up metaphor, then I don't know what is.

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