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August 01, 2007



Funny how that works, all of us lamenting the lack of comebacks and then *bang* the Sox do exactly that. Now we all feel better, right?

I was thrilled to learn that Gagne spoke French during part of his introductory PC today. I'm half French Canadian myself, so it's very cool to have a Quebec native on the Sox, and a very famous one at that. As for his warming up behind Papelbon, well...it was a weird sight, but I can't get as bent out of shape about it as you. I love Papelbon, but not quite *that* fiercely. :)

It's going to be great having all these pitching weapons down the stretch. I can feel it.


Great blog. You always make me laugh. I share your obsession/confusion over Josh. He's a crazy MF and I love it. LOL

I have to say that naming your kid after a celeb is not new to me. I'm a long time Bruins fan and you ALWAYS see kids named Cam and Ray when you go to team events. And the parents will always say to the players, I named my son (sometimes daughter) after you! Proud as can be. So Gagne isn't the only weird one to name his kid for that reason. Hell, we should be happy he didn't name is son Angelina. :)


Nice post. Gagne does seem like a nice guy. He also seems like a totally different person in his rookie pictures. Shor hair, close-fitting uniform, different glasses, it's crazy!

Finally, Youk's double didn't grab any wall. CF caught it on a bounce and flipped it to RF for the relay. Papi's double went off the wall - and man how awesome was his slide into second!


It is so not fair that I can't just opt for NESN down here. I am still laughing right out loud, all alone in my apartment, at that Loogie bit.


dawn, that DOES suck...i hope it's only a matter of time before people DO have the option of adding NESN to a sports package. or that they syndicate some of its coverage more. i don't know why they don't do it now--i have to say i'm always puzzled when it seems like people are NOT doing something that would make them lots and lots of money, like, you know, making NESN available to a wider audience.

anybody with more knowledge of the TV biz have any insight?

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