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August 27, 2007


maxwell horse

I think it goes without saying that I am looking forward to seeing the Sox pillage, rape and plunder the Yankees for the next 3 days.

And I don't mean that metaphorically either.

I *literally* want Francona to sneak into the Yankee clubhouse, break into a few of the lockers and swipe stuff. And then during the 7th-inning stretch, I want Beckett to haul Roger Clemens out onto the pitchers mound--and to the horror of both Yankee and Red Sox fans alike--violate him on national television.

I think it would take the rivalry to a whole new level, albeit a bizarre and perverse one.


As agonizing as I find each & every game against the Evil Empire, complete with acing & yelling at the tv, I never miss one. Until tomorrow. I will be airborne the entire game. Taking off with the starting pitch. Flying Florida to California. I think I will be more nervous wreck *not* knowing for five hours than watching the game.

Root a little extra for me while you watch.

Texas Gal

Beautifully, perfectly written- as always.

Wednesday is gonna be my perfect storm- because Joshie and I grew up in the same neighborhood, and we both also idolized Roger Clemens. That's why it's going to be especially sweet to see Beckett kick his ass on the mound.


Clemens was the first Red Sox player I ever adored. He's also the first ex-Red Sox player I grew to despise. The reasons for both are too numerous to list, but I can't wait for Wednesday. The Beckett/Clemens matchup is one I've fantasized about since the day Clemens announced his return to the Yankees. Seriously.

Kind of unusual that in the span of about 14 months Beckett would wind up facing off against two former Red Sox pitching legends...what were the odds?


I was playing it all cool about these three games until I read this, then your 'Apocalyptic Baseball' tag flipped a switch in my brain, and now I can't wait to see them.

Bring it on.


Fabulous post, and it's good to know somebody else is excited as I am to see Beckett vs. Clemens. I have a feeling this series is going to be talked about for a long time afterward.
Detroit did us a hell of a favor last night as well, spanking the Yankees in a 16-0 rout. Well played.
And Pappy scrabble! Too excellent for words.


Paps playing Scrabble just single-handedly turned my day around. That was awesome. Thanks!


I almost passed out with joy when I heard about the Beckett/Clemens matchup. I grew up watching Clemens, was disappointed when he left Boston and can only describe him as a total jerk now. I do hope that Beckett goes out there tomorrow and schools him on the ways of the world.
Many thanks to the Tigers for spanking the crap out of the Yankees. I tuned in when it was 10 - 0, and went to bed last night with an idiotic ear-to-ear grin. I hope that the upsurging Red Sox goes and sticks a fork in the well-done Yankees. My mother - who lives in Boston! - is a Yankees fan. I want to be able to point-and-laugh at her when this series is over.

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