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August 02, 2007


J. Mark English

I don't think you guys have anything to fear...



hahaha I totally agree. Players have hamstring porblems all the time in camp. On ESPN today (believe it was on Around the Horn), they were even sayng that veterans will pull up with a "hamstring" problem to get some time off from the two-a-days. Not saying this is what Moss is doing, but it's not a big deal.


the jets are panicing, not the patriots. Whos gonna cover number 81??

Patrick Patterson

Welcome to the world of having Randy "I play when I want to play" Moss on your team. After watching him and his antics for two years in Oakland, I am glad to see him in another uniform.

I thought the same thing as JB when he came to Oakland, but I spent the last half of last season anxiously awaiting him getting shipped out of town, as he admittedly tanked it because he was "not happy."

Just wait until something happens and he starts pouting. Not even your golden boy Tom "Snow Job" Brady will be able to save him. I doubt he will turn things inside out there in Tuck Rule land like he did in Oakland, because he doesn't have the leverage of that huge cap number. But he will start tanking it, or run a nine route when a six route was called... bank on it...


Until Moss has a reason to be unhappy, the Patriots expect him to play. The Patriots veterans will make sure he understands what is expected to be a Patriot. Also remember Moss was not the only 'unhappy' player in Oakland.

Also Moss' contract is specifically designed to get rid of him during the season (ala Keyshawn Johnson/Tampa Bay) if he does not perform.

Most people outside of New England need to remember that Moss is not the KEY player for the Patriots. He is a valuable contributer, but the Patriots can still win without him. Plus I do not see any other fourth round pick starting at WR in the NFL.

Bill Belichick does not take any crap from players and unlike OT in Dallas where the owner had the say over Parcells, Kraft allows Bill to make the right call. Even the Raiders owner/coach do not have enough trust for Art to not get involved.

The Raiders are still rebuilding with various QB's and a rookie coach. So although you are happy to be rid of Moss, are you happy with what you now have?


STILL whining about the tuck rule. my goodness.


LOL "snow job" Still can't get over that?? Great job knocking that one out of the park Brent (or should I say rushing it into the endzone?)! Besides, I'm fairly certain my old college flag team could've beaten the Raiders last year...

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