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August 24, 2007



He predicted 3-1, and now that the Sox won Curt's game, I'm more inclined to fall in line with that outlook.

*grins smugly*


And the Yankees lose in the 11th after a game that took approximately three days to play.
Salad days, people. Salad days.


The title of this entry made me laugh out loud.

I can't be the only person who was freaking out a bit during the first inning in game one, can I? NESN's radar gun was running slow, which is unusual in itself, but the low readings combined with Beckett's wildness made me wonder if he was hurt or something. It wasn't until they showed him yelling at himself in the dugout (hehe) that I figured he had to be fine, and then he started pitching better. Still...don't do that again, Josh!

I actually stayed up for that whole Yankees game. Totally worth the sleep deprivation! 3:30 in the morning and Carlos Guillen launches one and there were still quite a few people there to see it. Can't ask for much more than two Red Sox wins and a Yankees loss in one day. It's like Christmas in August.


It seems like Tito has finally gotten to the point where he's giving a slightly shorter rope to guys who aren't performing at peak level--putting Kielty in for JD and using Gagne in a blowout situation rather than a nailbiter. This is kind of reassuring, albeit in an "oh my god I can't believe I still feel like I'm going to get an ulcer when we're up by double digits and there are six weeks of this to go" kind of way.


putting Kielty in for JD

I hope it stays that way - Kielty is on fire right now.

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