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September 10, 2007


TJ Mims

just more fuel on the fire...

Samuel Lam

I won't judge until all the facts come out, but this would be terrible if it is all true

Mike Maddaloni

I am hoping it is not true as well, and when you think about it, it's very conspiracy theory! Anyone could be in any position in the stadium and using a digital camera could be watching signals from anyone on either bench. Coaches in the booth or the opposite sideline could be doing the same as well.

There is a bitterness in the Jets organization and its fans that is strong, and where I am glad they hate Patriot Nation, these petty moves by their team's organization are starting to get annoying.



90% of me thinks this is B.S. The rest of me thinks that if this was going on, there are, without question, other teams engaging in the exact same thing but they are not the Patriots so it's no big deal. It doesn't seem to me that it would give much of an edge if any and it just seems like a waste of a cameraman salary.


i knew your head coach wasn't that good! How many rings did you guys win by cheating?


it also must be really easy for brady to look like a genius when he knows the opposing offenses exact assignments.

Ted DeAngelis

Why steal the defencive signals, defence acts on a hunch at best and reacts to the offenceive play. If you were going to steal any thing steal the offencive signals they would be worth alot more to the team. Ever wonder why they always talk about how tiered the defence is, it seems it's not much of a factor on offence. They know where the play is going and don't have to run around second guessing the offence.


Jason - you are correct on Brady's knowledge of the opposing offense.

He sits on the side line and watches the Patriots defense dismantle the opposing offense.

If you in fact meant to say the opposing defense. It is hard enough for a defense to understand what an offense is trying to do, signal in a call and then the 'Mike' making sure it is what they need versus what the offense shows. This all happens in a matter of seconds.

If you honestly think someone on the Pats team is watching the opposing team's sideline, deciphering the call, then informing the Pats Offensive coordinator or Belichick and so they can then change a play in even less time then it takes for the defense to figure it out then Belichick must be a genius to have figured out a way to make it work so smoothly over all these years.

If this indeed is an issue - I would have to expect it is the Pats observing opposing offensive calls into the QB that were not going through the helmet mike. This would make it easier for the defense to adjust before the snap with the people they have to block or cover.

In fact if the Pats had a history of doing this sort of action Mangini would have known (and done it himself) and questioned it in 2006 and the playoffs - not the first game in 2007.

Bo Vandy

"other teams engaging in the exact same thing but they are not the Patriots so it�s no big deal. It doesn�t seem to me that it would give much of an edge if any and it just seems like a waste of a cameraman salary."

You're right, the Patriots are so oppressed! (eyeroll)

Travis McClellan

Here is something that was posted at a forum I frequent and I thought it was a good argument.

I'll ask a couple questions and you answer: Coincidence or asterisk?

- Prior to 2 seasons ago, when it seems that teams started to get suspicious of the Patriots, Bill Belichick never lost to the same quarterback twice in 1 season. Since then, he has been swept twice by the same QB in 1 season. Coincidence or *?

- Patriots always beat the Colts in the playoffs. Polian kicks sideline camera men off the field for the championship game. Patriots get up big, but don't seem to make any adjustments at half time, boggling everyone's mind since The Genius always makes adjustments, and the Colts roar back and win. Coincidence or *?

- Al Harris after the Pats whipped the Pack:

"It's almost like they knew what we were doing, you know?" he said. "You have to tip your hat to them. They ran plays designed for us. They ran plays that made us check out of some things. I don't know who calls their plays, but Belichick is pretty good. Honestly, he's pretty good."

Coincidence or *?

Doug Gray

If the Patriots just have to give up draft picks, they are getting off lucky. With accusations going back to last year, you have to think that this kind of stuff has had a direct effect on the playoffs of multiple teams, costing some teams Millions of dollars in revenue, and possibly some teams of a Super Bowl. If Goodell is going to have a zero tolerance policy for the players and Odell Thurman is going to spend a second straight season suspended for a DUI, then he needs to lay down the hammer on the Patriots for this.... and in my mind, draft picks is letting it go by VERY easily.


Hi Travis,

The comment noted by Al Harris was the Pats offense knowing what to do against the Packs defense.

So far the video arguement has been on both side with the Pats taking signals from the opposing offense and defense.

At this point I think knwo one really knows until Goodell makes his call.

Ted DeAngelis

Well lets hope some news source will be able to show parts of the tape. Oh, and if they cought the guy with the tape was it before half time? If it was it would be pretty hard to use it to make adjustments from it.

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