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October 22, 2007



Here we are in the happily ever after we always dreamed of.

And 'tis a good place to be. :-)


The thing about this team which is so different from 2004 is that they are just so *professional.* I mean, the 2004 guys were a bunch of talented idiots, who played gritty ball. These guys have the confidence to take their time, be patient, stay calm, and keep on grinding. With the weight of 2004 off of their shoulders they look like they're having fun, but in a different way than 2004.

I *loved* the celebrations on the mound and letting the fans be part of all of that joy and enthusiasm. Hated to turn it off and head to bed -- but, hey, as of this morning, is it officially *not* a dream :-)


That may have been the most tense blowout game I've ever watched. The first seven innings had me pacing up and down the room biting my nails and swearing a lot. By the time the score got to 11-2, I think I'd spent all my adrenaline. What a game. What a series! I said going in to Game 7 that whoever won would have more than earned the World Series berth. I definitely still feel that way.

Is Dustin Pedroia the most huggable Sox player ever?

Part of me believes that Kevin Youkilis was the real series MVP, though it's next to impossible to deem Beckett unworthy, especially after his performance in Game 5. And Beckett saying that he'd dance with Papelbon if they win the World Series makes me want them to go all the way even more. :)

What an amazing season. And it still isn't over!

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