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November 05, 2007



I like your theory of all this cheating being exposed in the Goodell era. Most people seem to be coming from the angle that this is a new thing. I agree that its probably just being picked up more now...


"Radio stations seem to be spreading this rumor / story"

Thank you for clarifying what turned out to a rumor. Tom Brady was amazed at the noise level? I think he needs to walk over to MIT sometime. They can explain how sound travels in a dome vs an outdoor stadium.

"If this turns out to be true, it doesn�t make Colts fans look too good "

Piped in noise wouldn't make Colt's fans look bad, it would make Colts management look bad. I don't think fans would have access to pipe in "crowd noise"

"Now if we could only do something about the officiating�"

Randy Moss does some pushing off of his own. but two brutally obvious calls went against New England. One went turned into 3 points for the Colts. The other Moss was clearly held. Also I couldn't believe two officials were right on top of an out of bounds call and they both blew it. Belichick dropped the red flag and the bad call was overturned. Yeesh they were brutal.

Was that the weakest leg whip you've ever seen? Looked like a second grader.


//Piped in noise wouldn�t make Colt�s fans look bad, it would make Colts management look bad. I don�t think fans would have access to pipe in �crowd noise�//

yes, but why would colts management be piping in crowd noise if their own crowd was sufficient?

Patrick Patterson

The very definition of irony: A Pats fan complaining about the officials.


give me a break. did you watch that game? i don't care what happened against the oakland raiders five years ago. defensive pass interference =/= BEING TACKLED by the wide receiver. and yet to those refs in indianapolis it did. i don't care what team we're talking about, some of those calls on BOTH sides last sunday were complete and utter BS.

but if it's the patriots, it's different? because of the tuck rule call that happened once? or because the patriots are undefeated this year? because a patriots fan is saying it?

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