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November 04, 2007


Samara Pearlstein

//Suddenly, the �running up the score� mentality of stomping the gas hard late in the game that�s been so lambasted is starting to look like a training tactic.//

I think that's the best explanation of that behavior I've heard so far. And it's perfectly Belichickian, too...

Leslie T

Yes, absolutely! I had the same thought while watching the game last week. When the Patriots got all intense, in spite of the lopsided score, and did a two-minute drill just before halftime, I thought, "Bellichik is using this as a training exercise!"

In regard to the stiffening of the defense, the numbers tell the story. Total yards gained for the Colts was 311 in the first half and only 85 in the second half. There definitely was a huge change after halftime.

Thanks, this was an interesting post.


Great job Beth! Those interference calls were probably the worst ever, and I would expect Hobbs is going to get another apology letter from the NFL. Thankfully it's going to come after a key win instead of a key loss.

Big difference from last year: When the Pats needed a first down to seal the deal, Welker made the catch. Last year, Caldwell dropped it. Big, BIG difference!

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Found this cool video on the 'Superbowl Radio Row', to all football fans out there, ENJOY!


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