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December 09, 2007


Will Smith  Anthony Smith will be seeing the Patriots in his dreams

[...] Dallas South Blog wrote an interesting post today on Anthony Smith will be seeing the Patriots in his dreamsHere’s a quick excerptAs the intricate patterns of the offense unfolded in this game, I thought to myself, it is a good thing that Tom Brady and his receivers are so [...]

martin b.

not surprising this happened to Pittsburgh...with a league average offense they just could'nt stay with NE once they stepped on the gas...Polamalu would'nt have helped much...Defense won't win you the superbowl this year...and this is a trend i think we'll see continue into next year...the only teams that have a shot at NE are Indy, Dallas and Green Bay...i see these teams as the only ones with enough octane on offense to keep it close...everyone else is toast...

Andrew Farrar

I watched this fixture.

Pittsburgh did very well in the first half, but obviously Belichick had them sussed and the second half saw the Steelers left for roadkill.

The New England defence, somewhat maligned after the fixtures versus Philadelphia and Baltimore, performed very well and I though Vrabel was the man of the match. But, then again, I never though defence was the issue. It was the offence not staying on the field long enough that was the problem - Brady et al stuttered against the Eagles and Ravens in my view, not the defence.

The key to beating the Patriots (but who around here wants them defeated?) is discipline - you have to have the same iron discipline that Belichick has instilled in his team. You can't go around getting yourself worked up, giving up penalties and fighting - sure, the Patriot players joined the fray, but with the mental discipline to be back concentrating seconds later.

Philadelphia, Baltimore and now Pittsburgh all undone by indiscipline, although the Eagles and the Ravens played far better to the Steelers, in my view.

Oh well, on to week fifteen and the revenge of the Belichick. I'm looking forward to that. It should be fun. What will Belichick have his much vaunted team do to Mangini? On side kicks? Multiple going for it on fourth down? Brady in until the bitter end, throwing all the way, including a "hail Mary" with seconds to go?

I'd start parying to whichever God I worshipped for mercy if I were Magini, Belichick's unlikely to allow his Patriots to show much.

Nathan Fournier

A funny email I got today

New Patriots Rules in Effect

In order to address the complaints and hurt

feelings of the rest of the NFL, the commissioner has adopted 10 new

"Special Rules" for all New England Patriots games.

They take effect immediately, and are as follows:

1) In the course of an NFL game, if the Patriots

go up by more than 31 points, they are not allowed to play offense

until the opposing team draws to within one score. (Pats will kick-off

after an opposing team's touchdown or FG).

Once the team is within one score, the Pats

offense may play, but Tom Brady may not, unless:

the Pats play with 8 players (including Tom), or

the Pats play with 9 players, but 1 player for the Patriots is chosen

by the opposing team from the stands. no Patriots linebacker is

allowed to play offense, unless that LB is inserted at quarterback.

However, Mike Vrabel cannot be quarterback.

2) If an opposing player states "It's like were

playing 7-on-5s" (7 offense, 5 defense during practice), such as

indicated by Justin Smith, DE, Cincinnati Bengels 10/1/07, the

Patriots must take a time out and serve ice cold lemonade or hot tea

(weather dependent) to the opposing team. Scones are optional.

3)Once the 31 pt rule is in effect, Patriots may

challenge any play, but the opposing team gets veto power over the


4)Once the Pats offense is allowed back onto the

field (7 pts), for any forward pass the Pats QB must point to the

receiver and call out his number BEFORE passing. If Tom Brady is

quarterbacking at the time, he must do that, plus turn the opposing

team's water cooler into wine BEFORE passing.

5)Belichick must diagram any Patriots play to the

opposing defense and ensure they understand exactly how to disrupt the

play. This all must be done within the play clock. If this process is

not complete prior to the play clock expiring, the Patriots will be

assessed a delay of game and double unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

6)Randy Moss must play with 10lb ankle weights on

each ankle. An additional pound will be added for each TD this season.

7)Wes Welker is not allowed to have "that crazy

look" in his eyes. 10 yd, "crazy eyes"penalty assessed.

8 Tom Brady must immediately stop dating

supermodels as he will not be allowed to date anyone that is more

attractive then the least attractive significant other of an opposing

team member (including coaches). He also must start doing commercials

for every product imaginable, especially ones where he chants "cut

that meat!"or refers to himself "as a 6'5" quarterback with a

laser-rocket arm"

9)Bill Belichick is not allowed to be within 100

yds of any infant, for fear that his evil supergenius powers would

assimilate such a defenseless creature into the Patriots System. We

have already se en this effect on an inordinate amount of chipmunks,

squirrels, and 'possum that commit suicide while crossing Rte

1 to reach Gillette Stadium.

10)Patriots must respect all opposing players

feelings and apologize for every first down. Touchdowns must be

followed by a written apology and a fruit basket presented with a hug.


i think the funniest thing i've seen all day is that 10 yd. "crazy eyes" penalty. thanks for sharing, nathan.


Wow what a great game to come back to after a weekend away! Looks like the boys are back! Anybody care to start the over/under for the upcoming Jets game?


i have it at 72. all patriots points.

Nathan Fournier

no problem keep up the good work

Nathan Fournier

Another one

A man in Topeka , Kansas, decided to write a book about churches around the country.. He started by flying to San Francisco and started working east from there..

Going to a very large church, he began taking photographs and making notes. He spotted a golden telephone on the vestibule wall and was intrigued with a sign, which read, �Calls: $10,000 a minute.�

Seeking out the pastor he asked about the phone and the sign. The pastor answered that this golden phone is, in fact, a direct line to heaven and if he pays the price he can talk directly to God..

The man thanked the pastor and continued on his way. As he continued to visit churches in Seattle, Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, and around the United States, he found more phones with the same sign and the same answer from each pastor.

Finally, he arrived in Massachusetts. Upon entering a church in Boston, he saw the usual golden telephone. But THIS time, the sign read "Calls: .35 cents."

Fascinated, he asked to talk to the pastor, "Reverend, I have been in cities all across the country and in each church I have found this golden telephone and have been told it is a direct line to Heaven and that I could talk to God, but in the other churches the cost was $10,000 a minute. Your sign reads only .35 cents a call. Why? Why?"

The pastor, smiling benignly, replied: "Son, you're in Boston, Massachusetts; home of the Boston Red Sox, the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and Boston College.." You're in God's Country, It's a local call.

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