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December 08, 2007


this day in history

[...] Patriots face their toughest challenge yet with the Steelers [...]

martin b.

...just who are these Steelers?...and what in blue hell happened against the Jets?...the Steelers offense is'nt as good as advertised and lags FAR behind the type of "consistent" offensive efficiency displayed by NE...they've lived on a schedule that has been easier for the past 13 weeks...but the next two games will define their season...if this game was any other place but Gillette, i might be concerned but i like NE to roll in this one...i guess the real question is the NE run defense [particularly the back seven]...they've looked frazzled the past few weeks...Baltimore hit on something that could prove to become a fatal weakness and the playoff contenders are all watching...

Andrew Farrar

I reckon Pittsburgh will put upwards of 30 points on the board, it's up to young Brady and his offence to score more than that.

I hope they do so. Young Belichick is my favourite American - sound fellow.

Scott Kaltenbaugh

It is pretty much stupid to say that just because a lousy team beats a good team, that the good team isn't really good. Teams have bad games. Allow me to demonstrate...

The Year....2006

Nov 12, 2006 - Jets 17 NE 14. Are last year's Jets that much different that this year's Jets? Only in record.

Dec 10, 2006 - Look at this, NE 0 Miami 21 Yup, the Mighty Pats put up 0 against the Fins.

The Year....2004, Super Bowl Year for the Pats

Oct 31, 2004 - NE 20 Pitt 34 - Yup, the Mighty Patriots got their asses handed to them by who else, the Steelers. Granted, the Pats gave them back again in the playoffs, but you get my point.

Dec 20, 2004 - Miami 29 NE 28 - Wow, Miami must be good!

I know, different years, different players, different teams....to a degree. My point is, if you really think that just because the Steelers lot to the Jets means that NE has a bye this week, you're dumber than you look. I doubt for one minute that the Pats are thinking like that. They know this is going to be a hard-fought game where they stand their best chance of losing this year.


The Steelers play a form of football that is old school, smash mouth, they can not be called a fancy team at all. But they sure love to hit and hit hard. The pats can look forward to a 15-1 Season this year as my Steelers hand them their first loss this year.

Andrew Farrar

Well, didn't look to be an awful lot wrong with the defence tonight. The difference between this week and last week was that the offence and young Brady stayed on the field much longer, especially in the second half.

I still say, as an ignorant Englishman (of the old variety), that the problem against Baltimore was more a stuttering offence than a problem with the defence.

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