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December 17, 2007


TJ Mims

It was a hard fought game, and was entirely what I anticipated...Mangini and Belicheck know each other all too well for any game between these 2 to be a complete blowout, no matter how good the Pats are...

heres a interesting stat:

Tom Brady vs. Jets (2007) 3 TDs, 1 INT

Tom Brady vs rest of AFC EAST ( 3 games thus far) 15 TDs, 0 INTs

That pretty much sums it up. Again, a good game...I felt it was worth watching much more then that 72-0 blowout you probably anticipated. Yes, I know you are disappointed, but be happy with the win...

and Seymour will likely be getting a call from the league office for his drive to the ground. A good hit followed through with the "unnecessary" drive to the ground....that will cost him...


i'm not disappointed, it was just different than what i expected is all i was trying to point out. i realized rereading the post that isn't what it sounded like and have edited accordingly, because that really isn't what i was trying to say.

if seymour gets a call on that hit it's complete BS. there was no penalty assessed at the time whatsoever--it was a well-timed hit, and the hit and drive to the ground were all in one motion. i don't see how he could have stopped once he started.

Andrew Farrar

Looks to me like New England's defence saved them - the offence hasn't played well in recent games, save for the second half against Pittsburgh. It's got to be a worry.


your point is well taken, andrew, but i think in this game the weather also played a part.

why do you think the pats offense would be stumbling now?


Sunday's offense against the Jets was definitely affected by the weather. There were drops that don't usually happen and you could see where the wind played with Brady's longer passes. Anytime there's more of a focus on the running game the points will usually be down (Adrian Peterson and LT aside).

Another point to consider is that defenses now have almost a full season's worth of tape to watch (of the illegal or legal variety hehe) and can better gameplan the offense. This team takes everybody's best shot every week as if they were the Superbowl Champions.

Andrew Farrar

Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make complacent.

I think Belichick needs to fire some f's into Brady and company. And dump that Maroney character who, facing facts, isn't very good.

Unless the New England offence starts playing again, they haven't a prayer of winning the superbowl - they'll not even make it to Arizona.


interesting, andrew. we'll have to revisit your predictions at a later date. :) i try to avoid making them, myself.

Andrew Farrar

But my prediction can't be wrong, unlike your 72 point prediction, made on 10th December, for the New York Jets fixture.

If New England make it all the way, I'll simply say it was because the offence got their behinds into gear again.


the 72 point prediction was a joke.

Andrew Farrar

Perhaps you should avoid making predictions and jokes in future, since you don't appear to be very good at either.


Andrew I liked your first comments and am not able to disagree except when the last half of the Stelers game was played just before the Jets....

If anything the Pats have been suspect for a while over the middle and even more so against the run since Colvin has been out.

Since I am not sure where you are from since you write offence incorrectly (it is with an s not a c), then maybe you missed the ironic (or cynical) New England humor.

If you are not from New England then look back to 'Good Will Hunting' and come back when you figure out the apples part.

Otherwise it is good craic and I look forward to future comments!

Andrew Farrar

You'll have to forgive me, I come from old England (across the pond) and we spell offence with a "c".


andrew, perhaps you should write your own football blog, since you know so much about how i should write mine. or, given i'm apparently not very good at it, why not go elsewhere?

up until now, i thought we were having a civil and intelligent conversation. i'm disappointed to see you turning into just another troll.

Andrew Farrar

I'm sorry Brent, but what do you mean when you say "the last half of the Stelers [sic] game was played just before the Jets..."?

As far as I can tell, there was a whole week between the fixture versus the Steelers and the fixture against the Jets. That's a whole lot of time for complacency to set in.

The Pittsburgh fixture was a tricky one. And one a whole lot of people on both sides of the divide thought might go the way of the Steelers. In the second half, the Patriots offence stepped up a game and romped away. Then, it seems to me, back to their slumbers for the Jets game. No one expected the Jets to get anywhere near the Patriots.

I forget the exact timing, but did the New England bye week come before or after the Buffalo fixture? If it came after, then the Patriots offence hasn't functioned properly, except for that half against Pittsburgh, since their bye week.

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