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January 07, 2008



The whole mike wallace is a bulldog isn't really true. One of those things you hear so many times you believe it.


He left him off several times in this interview.


I heard NPR's sport reporter talking about this today on ATC. Apparently Roger's lawyer had him hold comment for a month until he could be ready to sue for defamation on 15 counts. One of these guys is lying. Roger's problem is that certainly means he'll be subpoenaed and have to testify under oath. I don't think it's just he said/he said under those conditions. Just like Bonds, having to enter the real courtroom could be more damaging than the court of public opinion, where each stood only to lose endorsements and reputation, not years in jail.

I watched him too; didn't feel like a man convinced of his own innocence, even in the context of Mike Wallace. That's just feel -- your comments about body language attests to that. Watch his eyes, too. Like W, only the sweep of history is likely to tell us what the real story of the Rocket was.

maxwell horse

Okay, so I didn't see 60 minutes, nor did I catch the press conference. But what I don't understand is.... So Roger was the one who recorded the phone conversation. And he is the one who was in sole possession of it, and he is the one who planned to and then proceeded to play it at the press conference.

How come no one is bringing up the possibility that the conversation was edited to tilt things Roger's way. Heck, it would be pretty damn easy. (In fact, I can't imagine someone NOT doing such a thing--removing truly "unflattering" evidence if one were planning on playing it at a press conference.)

Both my last versions of Windows came with a free Wav editor program and I've played around with them a lot. It's real easy to manipulate things that way.

maxwell horse

"Like W, only the sweep of history is likely to tell us what the real story of the Rocket was."

I think some of us already have a pretty good bead on what W's 'real story' is without history needing to tell us anything. : )

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