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February 03, 2008



Nice job Beth. I really don't want to say much about this "story" until everything comes out, but needless to say I'm skeptical. These guy was fired by Pioli so I'm sure he has an axe to grind.

On another note, it's really sad that Specter thinks that this is something the government needs to look at. Steroids is one thing, as they are illegal and a health hazard. This "cheating" incident is simply a league matter and should be treated as such. Doesn't the government, ESPECIALLY the Judiciary Committee, have more important things to do? There are still some federal judges awaiting up or down votes and so on. C'mon guys, seriously. Wait, didn't the Pats beat the PHILADELPHIA Eagles in a SUper Bowl? Isn't Philly is PA? Isn't Specter the senator from PA? Hmmmm....

Maybe now the Senate should investigate bad calls too, as they affect "the integrity of the game." Ridiculous.


yeah, personally i think the senate needs to conduct an inquest as to whether or not tony romo should've gone on that vaca with jessica simpson. isn't there some question as to how that affected the cowboys' competitiveness?

Andrew Farrar

This isn't looking good, is it?

Half time and although the Patriots are leading, the defence of the New York Giants are playing out of their skins.

Mind you, so are is the defence of the Patriots, although they're being help by young Manning making a few errors.

Brady needs to step it up a gear in the second half - Patriots get the ball first and they have to make it pay.

Andrew Farrar

Well, huge congratulations to the New York Giants. They deserved to win, no question. They out thought and out fought the Patriots. They wanted it more.

But what a shameful performance from Tom Brady - pathetic. He was like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

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