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February 07, 2008



Once again, what I would have said myself except written better.

I hate, hate, HATE being called a bandwagon fan. Okay, I started following the Sox in '03--but I was 10 years old then, gimme a break.

I also hate the looks I get when I wear my Ellsbury shirt in public.

jenny again

i get bandwagon-flak, too, as a result of having moved to new england in 2003. still, my indoctrination into red sox nation was aaron boone's ALCS homerun, so i at least tasted the bitter before i tasted the sweet. it seems silly and unfair to call me Not A Real Fan because i grew up in minnesota. i now love this team with every ounce of my being. what could be more fannish than that?


iain and i have spent a lot of time talking about this, since he joined the 'wagon in 04, and lives overseas. i personally believe that it matters less when you become a fan than that you don't stop being a fan once there. to me, people who call themselves fans when the team's on top and then stop following the team when their fortunes change are the true bandwagon fans.

that said, it's really funny to me sometimes to hear the same people who made fun of red sox fans for their seemingly pointless dedication prior to 2004 now saying we've all jumped on the bandwagon. there are people who have done so, for sure. but let's not pretend like nobody cared about the sox before 04 and now boston suddenly cares about the team. that's ridiculous. the sox were an institution, a tradition and a religion long before the world series--now it's just an insane three ring circus.

what i have wanted to say pretty often as a fan of both the sox and pats this year is, you know what? we're just happy, dammit. we're just happy. leave us alone.

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