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March 10, 2008



See, I had the exact same response as your mom. He'll be on the mound for Opening Day at Fenway.

maxwell horse

"...but I was thwarted in attempts to produce such content yesterday, when I spent four hours on the "Pretty Good Year" essay and got all the way through Game 6 of the ALCS before my computer ate the damn file."

That's absolutely horrible. My condolences. I've had similar things happen to me in the past. That's why whenever I'm typing anything these days, I literally save like every 30 seconds. To the point of being obsessive compulsive.

Also, while I enjoy the comforting nature of your theory, I would also tend to think that if either Josh or the team didn't want him going to Japan, they would simply say so outright. I think if they just said, "We think it would be best for Josh (along with the other unneeded pitchers) not to go on the Japan trip," most people/fans would shrug and accept that--given how infamously physiologically disruptive those trips apparently are.

maxwell horse

Hey, I just noticed you went back to your old header picture of the lips on the baseball. Weren't you trying something different for a brief while? I seem to vaguely remember a picture of water beading up on a baseball or something. No matter. I like the lipstick outline picture better.


maxwell--first on the saving issue, i have similar habits, and also ctrl+a and copy to the clipboard regularly in addition to saving whenever working in a web publishing tool. my problem was that yesterday i was at my parents' house, working on my laptop, and emailed the file to myself. apparently instead of hitting 'save as' when i opened the doc, i hit 'open', meaning the file was located in the cache rather than being saved to the hard drive, something i didn't realize until AFTER i closed the file, went to re-send it to myself via email and it wasn't saved. about a half hour of desperate swearing at the TEMP folder and 'recent documents' app in Word later, i realized my mistake. so there, more than you ever needed to know about my computer troubles, but i do want to get across that it was at least a little bit quirkier than the usual 'forgetting to hit save' issue.

as for the comment about the beckett theory, the only reason i'm inclined to believe the idea is that if josh could say he doesn't want to go on the trip just because of the physiological stress, then the rest of his teammates could, too. if the team says they're holding just josh back for rest reasons and the rest of his teammates still have to go through the trip, that creates bad blood in the clubhouse. so maybe they'd decide to do it this way, or at least err VERY generously on the side of caution.

then again, i'm not the only person with a conspiracy theory hatched in response to this news, so maybe we're all just finding whatever type of panicked denial suits us best. :)

w/r/t the header, yeah, during the football season i'd changed the colors to navy blue / red / silver and had a pic of some snowy gillette stadium seats up top. now that we're back to the sox, it's back to the baseball / lips / green theme.

at this point i'm thinking this comment is probably longer than the original post. ;)

maxwell horse

"i do want to get across that it was at least a little bit quirkier than the usual 'forgetting to hit save' issue"

Ah, okay. Understood.

"...that creates bad blood in the clubhouse."

Hmm, I hadn't thought of that. On the other hand....

I just try and think of Beckett's personality and how he motioned to Tek after the warm-up throws, and how Tito and everyone came out to him on the mound. I can imagine Beckett "going along" with some bland press release about him having some back issues. (I remember Remy saying that he felt that when Tito claimed Beckett had a sore back right before Indians Game 5, that that was some kind of whitewash.) But the way everyone went over to Beckett on the mound in front of everyone.... I don't know, I just have a hard time imagining Beckett "play acting" to that extent.

Note: I realize my whole counter-argument is kind of moot anyway, since you were just offering the original "conspiracy theory" as an intriguing musing to think about, and not as something concrete.


Hey, I didn't say it like it was a BAD thing. :) Sometimes I end up being IngeBlog, just because he actually talks to the media so he's all over the news. Y'know. ONLY FOR THAT REASON.


The one bright spot to the Beckett debacle is that we get what I feel is truly the first vintage Beckett press interaction of the season. He says 'no,' what, 8375 times during the course of http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/2008/03/beckett_speaks_1.html>these remarks?


right, when he's not saying 'i don't know.'

choice line:

//I'm in a pretty crappy mood as far as this thing goes because it was a pretty frustrating day because yesterday was good and today's kind of horse(bleep).''//

well...the 'crappy' seems like it was at least an attempt to avoid profanity. A for effort.

also, ha ha, horsebleep. i'm going to use that sometime.

p.s. right, sam. riiiiiiight.


I'd love for it to be a conspiracy theory, but for that to be true, Josh would have to be a pretty good actor. He looked like something was legitimately bothering him during that mound conference; the grimace he had wasn't of his usual "get out my face so I can pitch" variety. And he seemed crabby even by his standards in his remarks today, so that lends more credence to it, unfortunately.

So I'll join you that voodoo thing. :)

My condolences on the loss of your essay as well. Damn.


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thank you, bro

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