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May 16, 2008



I'm pretty sure he's wearing a Ramirez jersey too. At least, that's what I'm lead to believe by the interview posted via Red Sox Monster. He said Manny was his favorite and his was the first jersey he bought; which I find painfully adorable.

And awesome.

L. Mitchell


I recently bought a glove worn by Jonny Gomes (Rays), and have been trying to find a picture of him wearing it (to figure out around when it was used). The only likely picture I've found so far was taken by you in late 2005. I wonder if you would be willing to email (appendexplosion@gmail.com) me the original photo? It would help me out greatly, and I would truly appreciate it.



Truly one of the finest Manny being Manny moments. Although, as I said over at Firebrand, it's almost glossed over by the awesomeness of the guys gathering around the camera in the dugout to watch it, and Mike Lowell being overcome by the hilarity of it all.

Andy H

So, figure you're working on a post about the no-hitter last night (W00T!) but King Kaufman's latest post on Salon made me think of you:


He's discussing that whole "Ortiz jersey buried underneath Yankee Stadium" thing, and his post features the following Beth-ish quote:

"According to unnamed and imaginary sources close to the situation, the other Red Sox-related items Castignoli has buried include: Theo Epstein's gorilla suit, Stephen King, three spare Curt Schilling bloody socks™, a death mask of Ted Williams' middle finger and Pokey Reese."

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