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May 25, 2008


Louis Gray

It wasn't the outcome you were looking for, but we enjoyed an extremely well-pitched game on both sides. My wife and I have been at both games in the series so far, and Duchscherer was amazing yesterday. Even though he rarely topped 80 on the gun, he had the Sox popping everything up. I didn't really think he could pull off the no-no, but as the innings went on, it got really interesting.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to a long-time Red Sox fan who now lives in SF. She kept saying "1-0's not going to be enough. The first team that scores 3 is going to get it!" and when the A's hit 3, she got up and left, that was it. But before that, it was fun talking with her about why she thinks Wakefield should be out of the majors, why Julio Lugo is a disaster, how she said Papelbon maybe has an IQ above 80, and that Beckett hasn't been himself this year...

She added the Sox don't usually do as well as they could on a West Coast swing, struggling in Seattle as well, but doing better in Anaheim. To be honest, I hope the Sox crush the Angels... HATE the dang Angels.

maxwell horse

Hey, I noticed that cool moment too. I didn't realize he was looking at Coco, but Beckett did seem to make a conscious effort to show his teamates that it was no big deal.


max, i had a totally different impression of why beckett did that. :)

jenny again

saw that moment, too.

i totally feel like only beckett can get away with that awesome bitchery. god, i love him.

maxwell horse

It's too bad I already deleted the game. I'd be curious to watch the moment again and see if I pick up on a different tone.


I didn't catch much of the game but I did see this moment and I'm glad that you wrote about it. I'm with you Maxwell. As much as I love a bitchy Beckett moment, I didn't interpret it that way when I saw the game. Considering how much Josh has praised Coco in the past for some amazing catches, I saw the two out communication as a way of telling Coco that it was okay... kind of like telling him to shake it off, we have two outs. But who really knows what goes on in that crazy head??


Josh Beckett: striving to bring bitchiness into the realm of socially accepted manly behavior since 1980.

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