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August 18, 2008



Brady talked about his foot injury on WEEI this morning. You can read highlights here: http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patriots/reiss_pieces/2008/08/brady_discusses.html

Not too much to add other than it's the same leg that he hurt towards the end of last season but it's not the same injury. Last season it was an ankle and now it's the foot.Sounds like they're just being cautious with him.


If Brady is out - then the season is pretty much over.

The Pats have no back up QB that can in the AFC East. Casel should be cut, Gutt and O'Connell still need to show they can improve.

We need a veteran as back up. Or a better O line to open up the run if Brady is down.



I agree. The Pats will probably be looking at the waiver wire once roster cuts come. If they wanted one of the vets that are currently available, I believe they would have already brought him into camp, i.e. Culpepper or Testaverde. My guess is they make a play for Chris Simms if/when he becomes available.

I also think the line we're seeing now will not be the line on opening day. I think Matt Light will be back in time for Weel One, but Stephen Neal is a bigger question mark.

Daniel  McBrayer

TOM BRADY IS NOT HURT.They are just smoke screening him. The offensive line does need to be solid but they will be more run oriented this year. I 've never really liked Matt Cassel. I always thought Gutt was going to be the back up. Once the season begins I will have a better read on this team. They still don't have their legs under them yet!

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