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September 28, 2008



Beth, overall a decent article. Spoiled we may be. Understand that even the coach professes the belief that we live in the present and that means nothing in the past matters... nor tomorrow; only today. Believe me, I do not intend to not hold dear all of our past accomplishments but to play a divisional rival and such a lowly ranked one and see all the missed tackles, blown coverages, not picking up on changes at the line of scrimmage and the mediocrity of our offense last week was horrifying and once again... against Miami. We do demand / expect no holds barred playing and this last week was inexcusable. These players get payed very handsomely for their choice of task... do we need to pay them more for "tougher skin" t protect them from fans showing disgust at absolutely sub-standard play? BTW, I am going to be at S.F. for our next game. I'm sure hoping for more stepped up play from the greatest team in the world. Just hoping we can plug the wholes that plagued us last week... can you say Frank Gore...


Marc, I agree that we need to have more of the 'old' as in even just last year Patriots defensive dynamism (barely a real word) in order to start the left coast frontal 'entourage' of the season.

Seymour has been in the forefront of the recent media skepticism on how the Pats will take to Cassel. Seymour was correct in saying all he could help manage was the defense and let the offense do their thing,

The last game the defense did very little and admittedly needs to do more.

I think SF will be the basis of their current left coast tour and then see how things end up in SD.

Defense might win super bowls, but offense helps get them there..... we shall see.

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