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September 07, 2008


Andrew Farrar

It takes more than one player to make a team.

I have faith in young Belichick.

Alex Whiteleather

Couldn't happen to a classier franchise. . .



I think James Sanders blew it on the Darling play. He overplayed to the left and was out of position. He was supposed to be Merriweather's deep back-up.


Call Culpepper.


yahoo sports reporting Brady done for year with Torn ACL

Cowboys Fan

Truly sorry to see any great player's season end like this. My thoughts are with Tom, your team, and the Patriot's many fans tonight. Hope for the best.


I will believe that his knee is that bad when the franchise comes out and says the knee is that bad. Even if it is, since the first SB season this team has prided itself on depth and the fact that no one player lost, Brady included, will kill this team


mike, obviously appealing to your sense of empathy is futile, but i hope you'll maybe think in future about sweeping generalizations like "all you douche bags in New England said"...i don't wish injury or harm on any player, no matter who they are or what i think of their team / fans. i, for one, was NOT dismissive of what happened to roethlisberger.

it's one thing if you want to gloat and dance on brady's season's grave. it's another when you justify it by telling all us new england fans what we did to "deserve" it. because chances are, you don't actually KNOW any new england fans - you're just giving your half-formed impressions based on a few people.

But whatever makes you feel good about yourself, I guess.


I am deeply saddened. Serves you cheating bastards right. One word KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets see what Belacheat does next.


Nice mike.....you are so dumb man nobody derseves a torn ACL.....Karma....what a dick!


When our qb nearly died you douche bags in New England said oh woe is the Steelers. You guys cheat all those years, pull one over on the rest of the league and think your cool. Now look at what happens. Shit catches up with you. So cry your fucking eyes out just like you do when the Red Sox finish in second place. Eat shit!

Oh no now he can't screw his supermodel girlfriend. Sucks for him. Sucks for you. And now they can't be the selfproclaimed greatest team ever.

Illinois Charlie

Wow, people still care about Spygate? Get a life.


Go Giants!!!

Alex Whiteleather

While I feel for Tom Brady and empathize with his situation. The karma for this organization finally hit them. The cherry on top was Bill B. just walking off the field before 00:00 hit the Super Bowl clock. We're about to find out if it was Brady or the system.



I believe it's a combination of the two. It's an excellent system when executed properly. However, it takes certain skilled players to execute it, which is why the Pats generally go after the "Who's that?" players of free agency and the draft. Can Cassel do it? I'm not convinced he can execute the system as well as Brady.


whatever Alex, you're a ding a ling. im so sick of all this karma crap.

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