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September 07, 2008



if you're not a pats fan, i'm not surprised to see gloating about this injury. i would ask that schadenfreunde-drunk fans of other teams would consider how they would feel seeing their franchise player go down, but i know i would just be wasting my breath.


Im crying on the inside. Oh no he can't bang his supermodel girl friend properly. LOLOL


It's not even worth it Beth.


And if Cold Hard Football Facts means that Tom Brady is the most historically significant player in the history of the game because he and the Patriots were on the losing end of one of the biggest upsets in SuperBowl history, then they would be correct. To discredit players like Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Joe Namath. etc is not fair. Maybe after 5-8 more solid season he can be referred to as "the most historically significant player in the history of the game", but not yet.


chris, just out of curiosity, did you look at the CHFF article? they make the other side of that argument more thoroughly and eloquently than I can.

Richard Cheese

In analyzing Brady's perfomance, we must be more accurate and honest with ourselves. I mean "most historically significant" is a very momentous comment to make about a player. More accurately, Brady is The most historically significant player to play like a slack-jawed faggot during XLII. I mean really, his team got owned. 18 wins is a huge accomplishment, but it is not a Lombardi Trophy. Finally, your baby-faced half-a-man poster boy is human. I have heard hundreds of sportscasters talk about how amazing he is. Well good riddance. Maybe now he can spiral pass his bedpan to the nearest male nurse. That would be a sight. Don't worry, Pats Fans, Belichick will still cheat and bullshit his way to wins. you've got more then just Tom Brady. Good luck in '09.


overlooking your straightfaced use of the phrase "slack-jawed faggot", please read the CHFF article before continuing this argument. at least CONSIDER the article before coming over here to argue its points with someone who didn't even write it.


The fact that you made reference to it in your article makes you accountable Beth. It does not matter if you did or did not write it. You obviously back CHFF's sentiment. I understand the statistical onslaught Brady has accomplished, additionally I understand the far from stellar division in which New England has played in for the past 7 years under Brady and Belichick's tutelage. I take nothing away from Brady and the Patriots, only point out that statistics can make someone over exaggerate a players "historical greatness". Playing any other division besides the dreadful AFC East may have brought about a different outcome for the Patriots. This can be said for other great teams from the past as well I know, and maybe he is an already guaranteed first ballot hall of famer like CHFF so elequently states, but it is hard to rate an athlete in a different division let alone a different time period altogether. It just does not seem right to annoint Tom as the most historical ever just because of numbers he accomplished with 52 other men year after year. History is more than numbers sometimes also.

Also, the Patriots may want to pray they can lure Daunte Culpepper out of early retirement, he unfortunately sent in his letter 3 days too early and seems like a much better option than signing Chris Simms.


//The fact that you made reference to it in your article makes you accountable Beth....you obviously back CHFF's statement//

Guess what? No, it doesn't, and no, I don't.

The fact that I linked another site written by New England fans and excerpted a statement of theirs regarding the implications of this injury (just as I excerpted Randy Moss's comments) does not make me answerable for their point of view. Even if I *did* state agreement with what I quoted, I'm STILL not 'accountable' for what someone else wrote or said.

Richard Cheese

Strong Words from A Strong Man.

If only Brady's knee was as strong.


Let me guess Beth, you are a English major from a liberal arts college in Boston and you know nothing about football.


I thought you are a writer associated with the Patriots MVN site. I must be mistaken, for if you were, you would know that anything you make reference to in an article with a handle of your name attached to it makes you accountable or at least makes your name representative of the truth or falsehoods in such article. Any writer should know this. You gave a direct link for your readers to view. Do not link an article unless you are willing to defend or explain why you included it in your post. Once again, whether or not you wrote it is completely irrelevant.


How about we get off the personal attacks and talk some football?


I'd rather have Matt Cassel than Daunte Culpepper. If we were talking about Culpepper pre-knee inury, then that would be a different story. However, Daunte's not mobile enough in the pocket and not accurate enough to operate this offensive system. I also have too many memories of him and Moss arguing on the sidelines, and we don't need that in New England.

Chris Simms, if signed, would not immediately play (or anyone else that matter aside from maybe Matt Gutierrez) because he would need to learn the system. However, I feel he could better run this system, which utilizes more quick reads, short slants, and check downs than simply throwing it deep to Moss (though that did work well last year, Welker's evidence to my point).

Tom Brady

I don't know about all this crap. I suck. A lot. I play in the worst division in the NFL and people love when I do well. It's like winning a race when the other racers have mopeds(which by the way, are the cutest little things!!! 1:) ). I mean who do I face? The Jets? HAHAHAHA. Chad Pennington was the biggest joke of NYC ever. The Dolphins won ONE game last year. Really, put me against some competition and I sink like Bob Dole without blue pills. Look at the Super Bowl. That gorgeous gap in Strahan's teeth was all I could think about. I had a huge hard on the whole game. That's what competition does. Gets in your head. I would love Strahan in my head. Literally. Giselle is over-rated. She has herpes, and is infertile. I just want to go back in time to when I didn't get so much attention and when I could run backwards through a corn field, biting my lip in awesome anticipation. The ruby slippers I bought will not bring me back home. Please understand me, beth. I am sorry for getting injured, I am sorry for letting everyone down. I am sorry for never living up to my potential. I am going to cry now. Pray for me Pats fans.




Hey Jamie,

My last post in response to you and your thoughts about the QB debacle.....

Daunte would be a huge upgrade over Castle, Kevin O'Connell, Simms or for some odd reason the resigning of Matt Gutierrez. Daunte is still quite mobile in fact. 3 rushing touchdowns in 7 short games playing for the ugly raiders last year. That's pretty good. 5 TD's and only 5 INT's �not too shabby. QB rating of 78.0. Not awful. Similar numbers playing for a dismal Dolphins team the year before when they made him run for his life play after play while coming back from a torn ACL, PCL and MCL too soon.

Additionally, I know it has been brought up by some on ESPN (this is not my opinion) whether or not Tom Brady is that good or if Randy Moss made him that good last season. Since arguably the previous "greatest 5 year span" for a QB was Daunte Culpeper from 2000-2004. And guess who Daunte was throwing the ball to during those years? Randy Moss. Granted, Daunte was injury free as you pointed out. The Patriots these days and Vikings at the time played in a similar offense with the same plays with only nonsense play calling words as the key to learning the playbook. As brett favre recently stated, he already knows 75% of the playbook since they ran the same plays, just used a different language. This is irrelevant though I guess, since Daunte is retired. I admit he would be fun to watch with Moss again and throwing the underneath route to Wes Welker (who is/was something special, who knows if Castle can utilize him the way he should be). I hope Castle pans out....for the Patriots sake. I wouldn't want to see Moss throwing another tantrum, he has been quite a gentleman so far with the Patriots.



You make some good points. Still not a fan of a 1:1 TD:INT ratio... We'll just have to agree to disagree. I still have no interest in seeing Culpepper as a Patriot.

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