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November 20, 2008



ONOZ! I was too slow to see the Flickr thingy...it says it's no longer available. Stupid phone. :(

Anywho. I will miss Coco greatly. Watching him snag impossible balls in centre center more than made up for the up and down offense for me, somehow. And he just seemed likable. Some kid's trying to take his job? "Hey, the kid's good." Just a class act.

My personal favourite memory (aside from him charging Shields, of course) is his interview during one of the 2007 celebrations (embarrassed to say I'm not sure which one) where he had this ecstatic look on his face and just said that this was the greatest time of his life. Oh, jeez, I just wanted to hug him. A big manly straight-guy hug.

I'm glad he's got a regular job in a great ballpark with decent-looking uniforms on a team with a bunch of youngsters where I hope he can act as a leader.

Not in the East. ;)


hmm...maybe it's the phone? i haven't tested the blog or flickr slideshows on any phones--i'm on a PC and see the slideshow now. might want to try it on a dinosaur computer. :)

i totally thought about him charging shields when picking a favorite moment...but that catch was the one that jumped to mind first, so i went with it. coco was a nice guy, but totally unafraid to throw down.


I'm really going to miss him too. My favorite moment was his catch to end and win the 2007 pennant. Also the "I aint got my taco" with Royce was freakin hilarious! I was waiting in line for tickets for the 2007 opening day. The night before, I wandered into the park at gate D to see what was going on. It was late, maybe 11-11:30. I was just standing there watching all the workmen putting their finishing touches on the park, who's standing next to me watching the same? Yep, Coco himself. I just said "looks great huh?" he says "Yeah, it's exciting" He walked off down the hall and I stood there in awe. Dang, I'll really miss him. Good luck Coco, the Nation will miss you!


awesome story about meeting coco! thanks for bringing up 'i ain't got my taco'--i had forgotten about that!

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