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December 13, 2009



Beautifully written, as always. But I would like to respectively disagree. Moss had a bad game, but the offense of the first half was not his fault, it was the same blah, ineffective unit we've been seen lately. The Pats have been effective all season with switching Moss and Welker occasionally, having them run each other routes has come in handy and they did not do it today, a day Moss could have used that lift. Lastly about Moss, on Watson's big catch, the replay clearly show 3 guys around Moss until the ball was thrown, if the Panthers DB's thought he was dogging, why was he covered in such a manner so far into the game?

Maroney is coming along very nicely. His development this year will pay off for us, in January. 22 carries and 94 yards is a good day. He is stuttering and I understand why that is frustrating, but about a month or two back someone got him to hit people, and he seems to like it. He likes it enough to make me a very happy person.

They won today because they did not make many stupid penalties. That and turnovers (giving & taking) are the real problems with this team. Fix those and they can beat anyone anywhere.

A win in Buffalo next week should give us the division, not a bad place to be.

I have to thank Surviving Grady for pointing out to me your wonderful blog.


Hey, thanks very much Pip! Greatly appreciate you reading and commenting.

In a way, as I alluded to at the end, the problems with this team are so numerous and complex there's plenty of room for debate. Of course the rest of the offense wasn't Moss's fault (and I did say to take the Panthers DBs with a grain of salt, as you also point out). But he also had an absolutely terrible game yesterday and seemed to be reverting to his old ways -- could be wrong but he certainly didn't do much to convince me otherwise.

It's interesting you point to turnovers...I really wish I could be a fly on the wall inside the stadium during the week and know the real root cause of all the inconsistency this year.

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