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August 16, 2010



I like Jacoby (but as my niece would say, I don't "LIKE like" him) but it has occurred to me, especially after mainstream media folks like Peter Abraham have jumped on the ignorant, Jacoby-bashing, bandwagon, that Jacoby leaving Boston might be what's best for HIM (not the team).

Thanks to the likes of Abraham and the idiot people who agree with him, Jacoby is getting tagged with the JD Drew label of being "soft" and it sucks if he'll have that trailing him for the rest of his career.

I NEVER say this about a player but in this case I really think it fits, let him go somewhere else where they'll appreciate him. Some of this fanbase (and most of the folks covering the team) doesn't deserve him.


Why does Jacoby get all the blame?

Because it means the reporters can keep telling the same story over and over.

See also: Manny Ramirez.


Yes, in my more cynical moments I think Jacoby has just become a stand-in for Manny, in the same basic (unimaginative) formula for stirring the shit during the season. But at least with Manny there were times you could *see* him withholding effort. The Jacoby stuff is based on even *more* presumption and innuendo.


I tweeted about this when it happened, but: a couple weeks ago I tweaked a hamstring. Not serious enough to warrant a trop to the doctor, it nonetheless kept me from exercising for almost two full weeks (yes, I about died from it). Every time I'd lace up my sneakers and try to jog, my body demanded that I stop. It made me feel differently about how I'd viewed Manny's recurrent hammy troubles.

I'd like to know how many of these self-appointed arbiters of Sox fandom have ever pulled a hammy, or 'cracked' a rib? Walk a mile in another man's aircast before blackening his name, I think.


This whole thing sounds and smells like the negative PR that comes before the Sox get rid of someone. This way they get the "bad" guy out of town with minimum blow back from the fans. Boras client, looking for BIG money? Nomar was a fan fav until the end, then he was a "bad" guy. Pedro was a "bad" guy in the end, etc. I will admit right up front I have a HUGE Jacoby fan and will be very sorry to see him go.


Thank you, THANK YOU for bringing up the not-so-spectacular year that Papelbon has had. No one dares bring that up.

Baseball is a team sport, if the TEAM wins, it stands to reason that the TEAM loses. It's unfortunate that Ellsbury is the goat. If he's gone next year, I'll miss his speed around the bases.


This is a damn good post.

Yeah, I was not saying I wanted Ellsbury gone. It was more standing back, looking at all the crap that has been flung at him this summer, wondering how much the FO has been driving it, and thinking about the future.

I assume there are other teams that think Ellsbury has far more value than the Red Sox think he does. I'd like to see another season of him in good health and get a better handle on how much he adds to the team -- but if he's gone, I won't be surprised. And if he is, then it will be quite obvious to me that the club was behind the "soft" rumours.

Even if he stays with the team, the iffy treatment (medical and otherwise) he has received makes me think he would go elsewhere when he can.

And, sadly, no matter what he does or where he goes, that tag will likely follow him for his entire career.



I hope very much he's not gone, then. It would be unfair, IMO, and he's got a few more years yet of running like a force of nature around the bases. I don't want to miss out on that.

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