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August 24, 2010



The Sox need:

1. Quality starts from Beckett and Lackey on a consistent basis.
2. At least league average production from 1st base. (Lowell doesn't seem capable of delivering).
3. A healthy Pedroia.
4. More consistency from Papelbon.
5. A centerfielder with good on-base skills and decent power

Damon solves one of those problems. Will the other four happen? It's looking less and less likely. I'd rather hold onto whatever prospects the Tigers are looking for and wait til next year when Youk, Pedroia and Ellsbury are all healthy and Beckett has had an offseason to figure out why he sucks and how he can improve on his 4.66 career ERA at Fenway.


Thanks for adding some rational thinking to the debate. I've been surprised that so much discussion has ensued over a player who will likely be used as a pinch-hitter (at least primarily).

In Detroit this year, Damon has started 31 games in left and 4 in center, so I suppose he can be used in left at Fenway given the short fence. And his bat would be welcomed in a lineup that's now missing Youk and Pedroia. The guy can still hit, and he's got a good eye.

But I see his contributions as not necessarily meaningful down the stretch, so I'm not inclined to view this as a productive move necessarily. And I should add that this is all assuming the Red Sox don't have to give anything up in this deal. If they do, that makes the argument for adding Damon even less persuasive, I think.

But if he joins the team, I'll hope for the best and root him on. Most of all, I want us to win.


He is pretty popular in the clubhouse and he likes Detroit; I don't think the Tigers let him go for nothing. In fact he has said one of the reasons he would consider waiving his no trade clause is if the Tigers could get something valuable back for him-- his idea, as near as we can make out, would be to help the Tigers indirectly in that way, and then re-up with them next year, as his contract is up anyways.

This would be an absolute wash of a move so far as I'm concerned, though. You know. :P


Now that Damon has rejected the move, I still believe that it wouldn't have made any sense to get him back here. This move reminds me of the Red Sox of old with Lou Gorman. Get old aging big names at the END of their careers (Mike Cameron anyone)

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