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September 29, 2010



Well, obviously the Red Sox should've traded Kalish/Anderson/Doubront/Iglesias/Kelly/etc. for Adrian Gonzalez, as was the plan all along, and then pulled a little bait and switch with Papelbon and Heath Bell. Never mind that the Padres are still in the playoff race. Theo must have some sort of blackmail material on Jed Hoyer, right?

Or they could've traded Matsuzaka for the entire Dodgers squad and flipped whoever they didn't want to keep to Omar Minaya and the Mets for David Wright. There were plenty of options! What was Theo thinking?

Man, when he stopped paying his dues to the psychic friends hotline, he really blew it. If he'd just asked them, he would've known that Pedroia wasn't coming back, that Youkilis was going to get hurt, that Papelbon was going to continue to falter, etc. etc. etc. But instead he kept saying that getting back the guys on the DL was a big enough move! He tinkered around the edges rather than going in for the kill!

I do wish the Red Sox had outbid the Yankees for Kerry Wood, though. And, to be fair, that's more because I'm sick of the Yankees getting guys I really like--cough, Granderson--than for any legit baseball reasons, even though this team really could use a good bullpen arm.

In the end I find myself ridiculously fond of this particular Red Sox team, even if they were hard to watch on occasion. And I'm proud of them, in that weird way a fan can be fond of a bunch of professional athletes. Armed by the end with more re-treads and rookies than real major league players (Kevin Cash caught in actual games), they made it until the last week of the season before being eliminated. They could still technically win 90 games. I call that success, even if the end result is not what most of us would like.

Now I have to finish making up my Re-Sign Beltre poster. I'm thinking it needs more glitter.


Actually, if you check page 91 of the Over The Monster annual, I predicted 30 HR for Ortiz and a couple of other bang-on predictions as well.

I stand by my win total predictions with a healthy team:


Jeff Egnaczyk

You Sox fans should definitely check out the Coen brothers' new film.

I mean this with no derision, you had a tough year. Do you realize that without those injuries the Yankees, Rays, and Sox could have been involved in maybe the greatest division race of all time. It almost makes me wish your so-ugly-he-scares-children first baseman didn't get hurt (that, however, was said with derision).

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